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Software License Agreement
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What is One-click BackUp (OCB) for WinRAR and what is its purpose?
Freeware vs. Shareware versions. Registration.
How do I make first-time installation?
How do I get language files or translate OCB into my native language?
What files do I need to back up and how often?
What is a preset? Creating a new preset.
How do I set up a simple preset to test OCB?
General conceptions for everyday use
Using OCB main window
Settings - General tab
Settings - Interface tab
Settings - OCB-BIN tab
Settings - Remote Access tab
Settings - Dialup tab
Settings - Error management tab
Settings - Security tab
Settings - Appearance tab
Preset configuration - saving and loading default settings
Preset configuration - selecting an image for the preset
Preset configuration - General tab
Preset configuration - Actions tab
Preset configuration - File lists tab
Preset configuration - Notes / Comments tab
Duplicating a preset
Renaming a preset
Deleting a preset
Making a Windows shortcut to run a preset
Scheduling a preset
Creating a special preset (Windows Registry backup demo)
Configuring the scheduler
Using Shell Notifier
Advanced commands
Restoring backup files
Using command line parameters to control OCB
Using remote access via Internet or LAN to control OCB

Shareware vs. Freeware versions. Registration.

Starting from Version 2.14 OCB is available both as freeware and shareware. Freeware version has all required features for home users to work with daily backups. Shareware version is recommended for advanced users and system administrators because it offers much more useful tools for your work. Here is the complete list of differences.


Freeware edition is available for home users and non-commercial organizations. It allows you to back up your files to hard disk drives, floppy disks and removable USB storages (flash disks and card readers). You can have as many presets as you need. There are no splash screens except one when you start OCB. To register the program as freeware, click "I would like to use anonymous freeware registration" button in the registration window. If you like the freeware version and want to make a donation, better buy a shareware license, you won't regret in the long run!

Shareware (Registered version).

Shareware version is a powerful tool for the users who want to control everything in their backup processes. Besides the features included in the Freeware version, you also get the following things:

  • Network support: you can both backup files stored on network computers and save the backup file to another network computer.
  • The possibility to back up files to CD/DVD discs in any Windows version without additional software or drivers.
  • Complete FTP support with auto-cleaning of old backup files. Internal FTP client to retrieve backup files from FTP server.
  • The possibility to send backup files right to your e-mail mailbox via a SMTP server.
  • Dialup support: if you don't have a continuous Internet connection, OCB will make your modem dial your ISP number, upload all files and then disconnect and hang up the modem to save your money. The feature is available for FTP and SMTP sessions.
  • Remote access to all OCB activity: start and stop backup tasks remotely, schedule and unschedule them, run external programs, view the schedule and OCB log refreshing in realtime in any browser, logoff/shutdown/reboot the computer when needed. This feature can be used both via Internet and LAN.
  • OCBSVC, a service to run OCB before any user is logged in to Windows (NT, 2000, XP, 2003).
  • OCB will send e-mail notifications to you right after errors take place. It allows you to take measures as soon as possible.
  • Shell Notifier - the possibility to automatically run or schedule presets when the content of selected folders is changed.
  • OCB-Keeper and OCB-Recycle that provide real-time backup management of your documents (one-click backup of any document).
  • Anti-hooligan protection: if you expect that your children or employees may change some OCB settings and even exit OCB (it will prevent OCB from creating new backups), you can protect some OCB sections with a password. For instance, you can set a password to prevent OCB exit or schedule modifications.
  • There are no splash screens of course. Absolutely! It means that OCB will not distract your attention from your work even when it creates new archives.
  • All new powerful features will be available in the shareware version only.

Shareware (Trial version).

OCB does not have any time limitations on the trial period. It means that you can install OCB today and start trying it in a month, it won't tell you that the trial period is over like many other programs do. Legally, you are bound to make a decision about purchasing OCB within 60 days after you first tried it. The Trial version has the same features as Registered version, but it has a few limitation encouraging you to register your copy:
  • You'll see a splash screen each time OCB starts.
  • You will see another splash screen each time a preset is being executed. The shareware delay is only 5 seconds during the first 30 days of trial. Please note that the functionality is not discontinued after 30 days of use - the program remains fully functional, but the delay time increases. You shouldn't hide the shareware reminder, otherwise the timer will stop until you restore the reminder window again.
  • Trial version allows you to work with 3 presets at one time. Of course, you may delete unneeded presets and create new ones, but you cannot use more than 3 presets at once.
  • You can schedule only 3 presets at one time (but you can still unschedule an unneeded preset and schedule another one).
  • A shareware comment will be added to all archives created by OCB Trial version.

Selecting registration mode.

You can always change your working mode in any way. For example, if you used Freeware version you can enable Shareware Trial mode, or if you used shareware Trial mode, you can register and enter your own registration data to get rid of all Trial limitations. It's also possible to switch to Freeware mode after using Shareware Trial mode. Use menu "Help"->"Change registration information" to alter your registration. In order to see current registration mode please follow menu "Help"->"About".



Software License Agreement.
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