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Software License Agreement
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What is One-click BackUp (OCB) for WinRAR and what is its purpose?
Freeware vs. Shareware versions. Registration.
How do I make first-time installation?
How do I get language files or translate OCB into my native language?
What files do I need to back up and how often?
What is a preset? Creating a new preset.
How do I set up a simple preset to test OCB?
General conceptions for everyday use
Using OCB main window
Settings - General tab
Settings - Interface tab
Settings - OCB-BIN tab
Settings - Remote Access tab
Settings - Dialup tab
Settings - Error management tab
Settings - Security tab
Settings - Appearance tab
Preset configuration - saving and loading default settings
Preset configuration - selecting an image for the preset
Preset configuration - General tab
Preset configuration - Actions tab
Preset configuration - File lists tab
Preset configuration - Notes / Comments tab
Duplicating a preset
Renaming a preset
Deleting a preset
Making a Windows shortcut to run a preset
Scheduling a preset
Creating a special preset (Windows Registry backup demo)
Configuring the scheduler
Using Shell Notifier
Advanced commands
Restoring backup files
Using command line parameters to control OCB
Using remote access via Internet or LAN to control OCB

Settings - General tab

Note: the tabs have underlined letters, use them to quickly select a tab. For example, to switch to the Appearance Editor from the main window, press <ALT-O-A>.

WinRAR location - it's where WinRAR.exe is. Generally it is "c:\program files\winrar\winrar.exe".

Temp folder - users can specify a temp folder for WinRAR processes. If the default temp folder doesn't have enough space to store temporary files and WinRAR reports errors, you should select a folder on another drive which has enough free space to meet the requirements.

WinRAR timeout - set maximum allowed time in minutes for a single WinRAR operation. When WinRAR works, the scheduler cannot run other presets. If WinRAR works more than the time specified, the task will be aborted. Set to 0 if you don't want to limit WinRAR sessions. Set to 1440 to abort any WinRAR operation that lasts more than 24 hours. Do not select low values because in this case WinRAR will not manage to complete most of the tasks.

Log size - specify maximum number of lines for the log file. The log will be truncated every time OCB starts. Set to 0 to disable this feature, but don't forget that huge logs (20 megs or more) will significantly slow down the program's startup. You can also truncate the log file at any time by calling the '/trunclog' command or using Log Context Menu.

IMPORTANT: Old Windows versions (not XP and 2003) have a limitation on memo component max length. If your log becomes too long, you will see a warning message each time OCB starts. To prevent this message, set max log size to 200-1000 lines. Newer Windows versions have no such limitation and you don't have to truncate the log file.

Scheduler precision - the max. interval in seconds (after real execution date and time). During this interval presets are not considered delayed. For example, if a preset had to be executed at 16:00:00, but OCB was busy with another task and was able to run it only at 16:00:18, then the preset is considered delayed and can be skipped according to your settings. But if 18 seconds are not of great importance to you, you can set scheduler precision to 20 and in this case all the presets delayed to less than 20 seconds will not be considered delayed. Of course, you can set greater values, such as 60 (1 minute), 300 (5 minutes), 1800 (30 minutes), etc.

Initialization at Windows startup - you can run OCB when Windows starts up. There are 3 options:
Do not run at Windows startup - OCB will not start automatically.
Run, complete all tasks and quit - OCB will start, complete all scheduled tasks and quit.
Run, complete all tasks and stay in memory - OCB will start and hide itself to the system tray.
Run using OCBSVC before user logon - you will need to download an additional service application OCBSVC to enable this mode. The service can be downloaded at no cost from Acritum website http://acritum.com. You will find another manual in the downloaded pack and it describes how to use the service.



Settings - Interface tab.
Settings - OCB-BIN tab.
Settings - Remote Access tab.
Settings - Dialup tab.
Settings - Error management tab.
Settings - Security tab.
Settings - Appearance tab.