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Software License Agreement
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What is One-click BackUp (OCB) for WinRAR and what is its purpose?
Freeware vs. Shareware versions. Registration.
How do I make first-time installation?
How do I get language files or translate OCB into my native language?
What files do I need to back up and how often?
What is a preset? Creating a new preset.
How do I set up a simple preset to test OCB?
General conceptions for everyday use
Using OCB main window
Settings - General tab
Settings - Interface tab
Settings - OCB-BIN tab
Settings - Remote Access tab
Settings - Dialup tab
Settings - Error management tab
Settings - Security tab
Settings - Appearance tab
Preset configuration - saving and loading default settings
Preset configuration - selecting an image for the preset
Preset configuration - General tab
Preset configuration - Actions tab
Preset configuration - File lists tab
Preset configuration - Notes / Comments tab
Duplicating a preset
Renaming a preset
Deleting a preset
Making a Windows shortcut to run a preset
Scheduling a preset
Creating a special preset (Windows Registry backup demo)
Configuring the scheduler
Using Shell Notifier
Advanced commands
Restoring backup files
Using command line parameters to control OCB
Using remote access via Internet or LAN to control OCB

What files do I need to back up and how often?

It really depends on how valuable your information is and how often you change it. OCB allows to create new backups every minute as well as once a year! No matter what kind of work you do - developer, web-designer or anything else - it is recommended to have an external medium such as usb-flash-drive to save a copy of your work at the end of each day. Here is a table with common backup tasks:

What files to back up.

Recommended interval.

Recommended media.

Common documents (texts, books, other personal stuff). 1-7 days. HDD + CD.
E-mail, Fidonet databases. 1 day. HDD + LAN or FTP.
Commercial databases (customers databases, goods databases, orders databases). 1 hour - 1 day (depends on how often you change them. HDD + LAN or FTP.
Developer's projects (delphi, c++ and other files). 30 minutes - 1 day (more copies are needed when you want to be able to undo undesirable changes which you can make in the code). Often: HDD.
Once a day: LAN or FTP.
Web designer, art designer work. 1 day. HDD + CD.
CAD designer projects. 3 hours - 1 day. HDD + CD.
Windows Registry 1 day. HDD.
Software config files. 7 days. HDD.
Internet Favorites and shortcuts. 7 days. HDD.



How do I set up a simple preset to test OCB?