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Software License Agreement
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What is One-click BackUp (OCB) for WinRAR and what is its purpose?
Freeware vs. Shareware versions. Registration.
How do I make first-time installation?
How do I get language files or translate OCB into my native language?
What files do I need to back up and how often?
What is a preset? Creating a new preset.
How do I set up a simple preset to test OCB?
General conceptions for everyday use
Using OCB main window
Settings - General tab
Settings - Interface tab
Settings - OCB-BIN tab
Settings - Remote Access tab
Settings - Dialup tab
Settings - Error management tab
Settings - Security tab
Settings - Appearance tab
Preset configuration - saving and loading default settings
Preset configuration - selecting an image for the preset
Preset configuration - General tab
Preset configuration - Actions tab
Preset configuration - File lists tab
Preset configuration - Notes / Comments tab
Duplicating a preset
Renaming a preset
Deleting a preset
Making a Windows shortcut to run a preset
Scheduling a preset
Creating a special preset (Windows Registry backup demo)
Configuring the scheduler
Using Shell Notifier
Advanced commands
Restoring backup files
Using command line parameters to control OCB
Using remote access via Internet or LAN to control OCB

General conceptions for everyday use

OCB is a backup system that can process most tasks without any user intervention. In order to configure the program correctly, you must read this manual and make changes in OCB settings according to your needs. Here is just a list of main conceptions that any user should know, doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an advanced user.

  • OCB doesn't create or modify your archives, it is the task of WinRAR. Always use the latest version of WinRAR to ensure better compression and file safety.
  • The speed of backup processing often depends on the background load of CPU. If you do any other work when OCB tries to back up files and you find it uncomfortable to work because of slow response of your application, you can reduce WinRAR priority in Preset Configuration window - this will increase backup process time but give more speed to other applications that you use.
  • When OCB is executing a preset, it changes its standard icon in the system tray to another one to show that it's active.
  • OCB can work both in automatic and manual mode. If you use automatic mode, you should take measures to prevent any issues that can stop OCB's normal work (for example, if you tell OCB to run an external program before starting WinRAR, you must be sure that this program doesn't show any dialog boxes that require user intervention).
  • OCB works in synchronous mode, it means that only one task can be run at one moment. If delayed tasks appear, OCB holds a queue. If you run OCB in automatic mode, be sure your tasks do not interfere with each other.
  • Many automatic functions depend on the Scheduler. If you turn the scheduler off, many other features such as Remote Control and Command Line Support will be unavailable to you.
  • If you don't understand something, you can always press F1 or [Help] button to read context help about the window where the help was called from.
  • You can use keyboard to speed up your work. Use ESC to close active window (the same as [Cancel] button). The tabs in the Settings Window have underlined letters, use them to quickly select a tab; for example, to switch to the Appearance Editor from the main window, press <ALT-O-A>.
  • You will find more useful hints at the Using OCB main window section.



Using OCB main window.