Sophisticated Rename manual

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Important notes for Windows Vista users.

The following concerns Windows Vista only. If you are running 98/XP/Server 2003, you don't have to worry about it.

New security system in Vista prevents many programs from working properly. SR is not an exception.

  • You may not access the files created by administrator and other users if you run SR with normal privileges. It means that SR will not rename absolutely all files if it was started under a normal user account. To gain control over ALL files, you have to run SR as administrator.
    If you see messages like "CANNOT RENAME THE FILE..." in the log, there are two possible reasons: 1) invalid template 2) insufficient user privileges (need admin privileges).
  • Drag & Drop does not work between normal processes and the ones started with administrator privileges. If you start SR as administrator, you should also start the file source application (for example, Explorer, ACDSee) as administrator. The file source applications called by SR always inherit the privileges of SR, so this problem remains unhandled only if you execute such applications manually.
  • Now SR may not keep settings and other stuff in the Program Files folder, so all your presets and settings will be moved to another folder "C:\ProgramData\Acritum\SR" which is available for both reading and writing. The application files remain in the old place called "C:\Program Files\Sophisticated Rename" that becomes read-only for non-administrators. Please note that the tutorial files also remain with application files, so you will not be able to rename them unless you run SR as administrator. You may copy them elsewhere manually to be able to process them from an an unprivileged user account.
  • It is highly recommended to run SR with ADMINISTRATOR privileges ALWAYS, however, this is not required.

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