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Using Var Editor - general management.

The Var Editor contains four parts: Text, Counter, Variable and Condition. The management of these items is similar so here's an example for counters.

To use a counter you should enter a sensible name for it and press [Add]. You may use both short name ("photo number") or full name ("*CNT PHOTO NUMBER"). If you use a short name, SR will automatically expand it. When you press [Add] button, the counter is added to the computer memory for the nonce and you are able to use it during the current session, but if you think you will need it later, you should save the whole preset from the main window. The [Recall] button can restore the values of the selected counter. You can change its settings and resave the counter with the same or with a new name by pressing [Add] again. The [Delete] button deletes the counter from the memory, but if the counter was loaded from a preset, it will be finally deleted only when you resave the preset again. You cannot delete a counter if it is used in the template - first, remove it form there.

To find out more about Var Editor, read about Text, Counters, Variables and Conditionals.

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