Sophisticated Rename manual

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Welcome to SR 3.XX help system!

Thank you for your interest in Sophisticated Rename. Our team hopes it will be a very valuable helper in your everyday work. In order to find the answers to your questions, please use this index. The order of the topics in this page is the suggested order of reading for beginners.

Legal information.

Software License Agreement (using SR means you've read and accepted it).
Buy a Sophisticated Rename license.

General information.

Important notes for Windows Vista users.

The basics.
File list.
Main menu.

SR Data Types

Using Var Editor.
Extra variables.
External variables.

SR tools.

Changing date time and attributes.
Changing file extensions.
Changing file name and extension case.
Search and replace.
Shortcut Manager.
File Remover.
FTP file batch rename.
Working with EXIF JPEG and TIFF files.
Working with ID3 MP3 files.

For advanced users.

Using command line.
Creating a new plugin.

Included and optional plugins.

Plugins intro.
Data plugin.
Exif Master.
Other optional plugins.


Lesson-A. Constants and counters.
Lesson-B. Variables and extra variables.
Lesson-C. Conditionals.
Lesson-D. Managing the most difficult cases.
Lessons E, Fand G. External variables.
Lesson-H. Sorting files with "Custom paths" feature.
Lesson-I. Using folder/file name information to save ID3 tags for MP3 files.
Lesson-J. Using folder/file name information to save EXIF tags for JPG files.

Contact SR team to get additional information, report bugs or suggest new ideas.

Acritum Software website.
SR official homepage. (latest info, new versions, updates mailing list subscription, contact e-mail form).

Other languages.

If you would like to translate this program into a non-English language, please look the following file:
c:\program files\sophisticated rename\language\sample.lng
If you translate SR, you will get a free license to use the program without limitations and enjoy free lifetime updates!