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Download Sophisticated Rename

The latest version of Sophisticated Rename can be downloaded here.

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> SR 3.10 Wise
The latest version of SR (Classic Wise installer, if it doesn’t run in Win10+, use the following Inno installer…). ~1Mb
> SR 3.10 Inno
The latest version of SR (Newer Inno installer, for Win10+). ~1Mb
> SR 3.10 ZIP
The latest version of SR (ZIP archive, no installer, unpack and use). ~1Mb
> Exiv2 freeware Advanced exif processing for SR 2.08 and higher. ~460kb

The pack contains English, Brazil, Italian, French, Portugal, Spanish and Russian language files.

Download Sophisticated Rename plugins.

The plugins are distributed sepatately but they are part and parcel of the thing that we call Sophisticated Rename. Do not neglect them because they considerably extend the possibilities of the main SR pack. It is expected that most new features will be added to SR in the form of plugins.

Data. Allows to store and process user string and integer data at runtime.
> Read Manual
> Download (48kb)
EXIF Master. Allows to get any exif tag from JPG and TIFF files.
> Read Manual
> Download (120kb)
HTML plugin. Gets the text between <title> and </title> from html files (webpages).
> Read Manual
> Download (64kb)
Lists 1.0. Rename files using prepared file lists (three types of lists are supported).
> Read Manual
> Download (53kb)
Mask 1.1. Allows to use * and ? wildcards in SR.
> Read Manual
> Download (24kb)
No More %20 1.0. Decodes hex codes to letters, for example “file%20name” to “file name”.
> Read Manual
> Download (22kb)
RegExpSR 1.0.b2. Advanced search and replace using regular expressions.
> Read Manual
> Download (132kb)
SAR, Search and Replace. Allows to search and replace many times within one preset.
> Read Manual
> Download (195kb)
SaveID3 1.1. Writes any SR datatypes to MP3 files as ID3 tags.
> Read Manual
> Download (44kb)
Translit 1.1. Transliteration from any language to English. Russian and German demos.
> Read Manual
> Download (44kb)
Truncate 1.0. Automatically finds a common substring for all files and truncates it.
> Read Manual
> Download (42kb)