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Acritum Exif2htm is a program that converts EXIF metadata from digital photos (jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff files) to html format. Then this data may be used in different ways.

Professional photographers may want to print the index of hundreds of photos to be able to compare them and find out what camera settings resulted in the best shots. EXIF metadata contains such useful information as shooting date and time, picture resolution, aperture value, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, flash state and other specific camera settings. This info is really valuable for professional photographers: they can analyze these parameters and learn how they resulted in the photo quality. Knowing his mistakes, the photographer will try to avoid them later.

Photographers-webmasters who share their photos with others in Internet may create nice colorful web albums with detailed information about their pictures.

Exif2htm is also capable of generating simple TEXT files and comma-separated CSV files, which are compatible with Microsoft Excel and allow to conduct a comprehensive data analysis.

As far as the interface is concerned, it is very similar to that of Macromedia Dreamweaver 4, so experienced webmasters will like it, though, it is not necessarily to learn HTML to use this program.

Exif2htm samples.

Screenshot1 and screenshot2 of the software are available. The easiest way to find out the features of the program is to see the examples created by Exif2htm:

> Webalbum – a HTML based photo album.
> Demo1 – colorful HTML table.
> Demo2 – colorful HTML table.
> Demo3 – simple HTML text.
> Demo4 – an example of Excel table (requires Microsoft Excel).


This is the latest version of Exif2htm. Trial limitations: 15 days, 30 executions max. If you believe this program meets your requirements, please buy full version which is free from these limitations.

> Exif2htm 1.07 (480Kb)


Exif2htm license with free lifetime updates costs $19.95 or equivalent in other currencies. European Union residents also pay VAT (it varies in different EU countries).

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