HTML plugin for Sophisticated Rename 3.00 and higher.

I made this plugin because I grabbed 1735 html webpages with some data from a website and I decided to make it easier to find something inside these files. The files were enumerated like 1.htm, 2.htm..100.htm..1735.htm where the name is the number of the data in the database and they had a title like this inside:

:: Site name :: Data description

I decided to rename the files like this:
0001 - Data description1.htm
0100 - Data description100.htm
1735 - Data description1735.htm

To make it possible I created this plugin. It analizes a html file and gets the data between <title> and </title> tags. The tags should be on the same line! The case of the tags doesn't matter, it can be <TITLE> or <Title>.

What about numbers? The solution how to allign the numbers of different size to 8-char size was shown in the "lesson-C" - read the manual. Here I alligned them to 4-char size.

One more problem: I had to get rid of the ":: Site name :: " part, but it's no problem: I created a var with beginstr ":: ", search from right, this var processed the whole title and returned only the "Data description".

And it's not all! Some Data descriptions had unallowed chars like ? or ", I had to use search and replace plugin to replace them to $ and ' corespondingly.

The whole work was prepared by a single preset of course.

Only then the process could be done successfully.

So, the plugin is easy to use:

Function: gettitle
Result var: result
Need params? No.

PS: the package has some test files and a preset to test how it works. If you use this preset, make sure you specified the correct path to html.dll in the external routines window, otherwise it won't work unless you copy html.dll to the sr.exe folder.