No More %20 Plugin for Sophisticated Rename 2.03 and later.
Version 1.0 (2 June 2005).

Purpose: decodes hex codes after % symbol to normal letters. For example, %20 will be replaced by space character:
File%20downloaded%20from%20internet.htm -> File downloaded from internet.htm. There is also an option to replace spaces with any other string, for example, like this: File_downloaded_from_internet.htm.

The plugin decodes not only %20 but all codes, for instance, %41 is 'A', etc.

Installation: This distributive archive has the same folder structure as the main SR folder. So just copy all the files to the corresponding folders, for example, "external\nomore20.dll" to "c:\program files\sophisticated rename\external\nomore20.dll".

Function: un20

Result key: result

Optional parameter: INPUT. Specify a text line or a variable to process. Example:
If 'input' is not used, *XVR FILE NAME will be used to get data to decode.

Optional parameter: SPACE. Specify a text line to replace all %20 occurrences. Example:
space=_ to get sample_line
space=- to get sample-line
If 'space' is not used, ' ' (space) will be used to replace all %20.


Should you have any questions, contact Anatoliy Kovalenko at