EXIF Master Plugin for Sophisticated Rename.

Manages string and integer data types at runtime.


This plugin allows you to insert any EXIF tag into the template.


The plugin is already built into sr.exe. The distributive archive with demo files and examples can be downloaded from SR home page. It has the same folder structure as the main SR folder. So just copy all the files to the corresponding folders on your hard disk.


Purpose: returns the value of a given exif tag. Supports virtually all tags including maker specific data.

Dll name: sr.exe,
Function name: gettagvalue,
Result key: the_name_of_the_tag
Parameters: none


You should look for the tags' names in the EXIF Viewer (complete info). The names of the tags are the things that are written at the beginning of each line before '='.

Some tags of different cameras are known to be different. For example, to get the iso ratings from Olympus camera, you should request the value of "ISOSpeedRatings", but for Canon Powershot cameras it will be "CCD ISO".


Example preset for this plugin can be found at the SR home page.

The task is to add Exposure and Fnumber to the file name in such a way: "file name T(1-630) F(5,6)". We will use the files from "tutorial\lesson-8" (dacha-7.jpg, izmaylovo-23.jpg, vladimir-14.jpg, vladimir-2.jpg). Drag these files to SR and load "em" preset. You will see the desired results. But it's not that simple.

a) ExposureTime retutns "1/630 sec" - we must get rid of prohibited "/" character and "sec" part. This can be easily done by means of variables (in this example "/" was replaced with "-", you may use anything you want instead of it.
b) FNumber tag returns result "F5,6" - we must delete "F" before inserting the tag to the template. Use variables again.