Translit Plugin for Sophisticated Rename 2.03 and later.
Version 1.1 (17 Apr 2005).

Purpose: transliterates non-English letters to English ones. This may be useful if you are going to use files with localized names with a device that doesn't understand such names, for example, some MP3 players. This plugin also helps to get rid of German umlauts ("vögel.doc" -> "voegel.doc).

Installation: This distributive archive has the same folder structure as the main SR folder. So just copy all the files to the corresponding folders, for example, "external\translit.dll" to "c:\program files\sophisticated rename\external\translit.dll".

Function: transliterate

Result key: result

Required parameter: LIST. Specify a full path to a correspondence file. Example:

This file should have the following format (without square brackets):
[source letter] [space] [replace letter or letters]

German example: a line from the correspondence file (you must add all letters!): "ö oe".
Result: "vögel.doc" -> "voegel.doc"

Example: You can see two examples in the pack:

Letter list
Example files to process with preset.
Russian to English transrus tutorial\translit\rustoeng.txt tutorial\translit\russian\*.*
German to English (get rid of umlauts) transdeu tutorial\translit\deutoeng.txt tutorial\translit\deutsch\*.*

If you installed SR not in "c:\program files\sophisticated Rename", then you need to open preset, go to "External Routines" (F10), open the var and change the path to the letter list (default is "C:\Program Files\Sophisticated Rename\tutorial\translit\rustoeng.txt"). Then resave the var and preset. The same should be done with German version.


Should you have any questions, contact Anatoliy Kovalenko at