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URL redirection service

URL redirection service is optional, you don't have to buy this service to run Femitter Server. However, there are cases when it is very useful:

  • You have a dynamic IP. This kind of IP is most popular: when you establish a connection with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), they give you any IP address which is not used at the moment. Thus, any time you connect to Internet, you have different IP addresses. However, some ISPs can offer you a static IP for additional fee (usually $24/yearly). If you don't have a static IP or URL redirection service, you will need to contact your friends and tell them your new IP every time they want to visit your system and download something.
  • You create a serious project using your server and you want to publish a link to it in Internet. Even if you have a static IP, you will most likely frighten some users off if you publish something like - this looks like a server with cracks or porn content.

Femitter solution is to give you a static subdomain in fem.acritum.com domain zone. It will look like

  • http://fem.acritum.com/?a=yourname
  • http://fem.acritum.com/ftp.php?user=yourname (to redirect to your ftp server from web browsers).

This is a fully functional URL, for example, if your login is "john" and your root folder is "c:\wwwroot\" and you want somebody do download
"c:\wwwroot\myphotos\nashville\friends.jpg", you just publish one of the following links:


It will work, really :-)

The software on our remote server will make all required changes to redirect your users to your server even if your IP changes very often. You only need to click a button to update your IP when you connect to internet if you have a dynamic IP. However, if you have a static IP, you don't have to update it at all to keep your URL alive.

Warning: Do not add the port number after fem.acritum.com URLs even if you use non-standard ports! Wrong example: http://fem.acritum.com:8080/?a=john.

Working with Acritum remote server from Femitter window.

You may contact our server and work with our database using "URL redirection" tab. Once you purchased this service, you received information how to create a new account. Having created a new account, you will be able to use your login and password to access the database. The tools on this tab will not work if you don't know your login and password. If you lost your login or password, you may contact Acritum support and this information will be sent to the e-mail that you can update using this tab.

Update IP address and ports: use this edit field to submit your new IP when the old one is not valid anymore. If you already connected to Internet, you can click the [Refresh] button and select a proper IP form the dropdown listbox. But it's better simply to leave this field blank to allow our server detect your IP automatically. If you have a dynamic IP, you should resubmit your IP every time you establish Internet connection and want your server to be recognized as http://fem.acritum.com/. If you have a static IP, you should submit it only once.

Retrieve my account info from Acritum database: contact our server to receive all your information, including current IP and port numbers for redirection.

Show my real Internet IP: our server will find out what IP you used to connect to it. If you are not connected to Internet via a router, you should enter http://your_ip/ to connect to your server from a remote computer.

Is my HTTP server accessible from Internet?: our server will try to connect to your HTTP server using last submitted IP and port. If your server doesn't answer within 10 seconds, the connection will be considered failed. Use this method to find out if your server is visible from Internet, because the fact that it is accessible from your local computer doesn't mean that it is accessible from Internet.

Is my FTP server accessible from Internet?: our server will try to connect to your FTP server using last submitted IP and port. If your server doesn't answer within 10 seconds, the connection will be considered failed.

Edit the database manually: this option is for advanced users only. You may change some values so that your domain name will not work properly, so be careful. However, this section can also be used to change your account password and contact information. The following values can also be useful:

  • E-mail: this e-mail will be used to send you lost login and password when you request them. Any other requests like "I'm John Smith, send me my login/password to hacker@yahoo.com" will be ignored to prevent domain name theft. That's why it is important to keep this e-mail up-to-date.
  • Server description: if it is not blank, your website will be shown in the Femitter servers catalogue. You may describe your server as "Photos by John Smith" or something like this. You shouldn't add this description if your server is password protected.