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Frequently asked questions


Legal issues.

Q: May I buy this server software to host illegal or unlicensed content (cracks, warez, porn, stolen music and videos)?
A: Yes, you may. Having bought this software, you become completely responsible for anything you do with it. Acritum Software takes no responsibility for anything that you offer using this server.

Q: May I use Femitter URL redirection service (http://fem.acritum.com/) for redirecting users to a server with illegal content (cracks, porn, etc)?
A: No, such accounts will be deleted.

Q: May I order Femitter URL redirection service (http://fem.acritum.com/) for redirecting users to a server with unlicensed video and music content?
A: Yes, you may, because the laws about the distribution of unlicensed content are different in different countries. However, Acritum Software reserves the right to delete your account without any explanation in case we receive any complaints that you illegally distribute copyright-protected content using our http://fem.acritum.com/ URL.

Q: I like this software, how do I buy it?
A: This software is distributed as shareware. It means that you may try it free of charge, please do it before buying to be sure that it has no conflicts with your hardware and other software. Once you are sure that it's what you need, you can buy the product using different ways at http://acritum.com/fem/.


HTTP issues.

Q: Do I have to install any other software to run a HTTP server?
A: No.

Q: Do my users have to install any software to access my HTTP server?
A: No. All modern operating systems already have a web browser preinstalled.

Q: Can my users download files using non-browser software (ReGet, FlashGet, etc)?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I test it without Internet or LAN?
A: Yes, use http://localhost/ to test HTTP server.

Q: I updated my webpages but the HTTP server still shows old ones, how to fix this?
A: Actually, the server doesn't show your old pages. The problem is that when you connect to one and the same URL, for example, http://localhost/, your web browser saves it and next time you request this url, it loads the web page from its existing cache, thus the request to the server doesn't occur. To prevent it, either disable the caching in your web browser, or refresh the page every time you see old results ([F5] in most browsers).

Q: I can see my files when I enter "http://localhost/", but the users say they cannot connect to the server. What's wrong?
A: There may exist numerous reasons:

  • Problem: You gave your users a wrong IP address.
    Solution: Not all your IP addresses are accessible from Internet. Some IPs belong to LAN (local network) and may be used to access your server from this network only. Some IPs are created along with virtual PAN (personal network). Such networks are sometimes created by bluetooth drivers to allow the communication between bluetooth devices. Be sure to tell your users the right IP: Internet users should know your Internet IP and LAN users should know your LAN IP. This is not a problem if you use Femitter URL redirection service, because your domain name remains the same even if your IP changes - your users don't have to contact you every time they want to download something from your server, they simply enter http://yourname.femtter.com, and that's it.
  • Problem: The settings of your antivirus or firewall software deny any requests from internet.
    Solution: Configure your firewall to allow Femitter act as a server. Also allow any incoming and outgoing requests on port 80. Here are the rules for standard Windows Firewall.
  • Problem: Still nothing works...
    Solution: Possibly, you are connected to Internet via a router. If it's your router, you should configure it to redirect requests from the router to your server. In this case, you should give your users the IP of the router, not your the IP of your system. If the router belongs to your ISP, unfortunately, you have no possibility to configure it and thus you will not be able to run server software on your computer.

Q: I don't use Femitter as a file server, but I want my users to upload files from my custom-made HTML pages. Is it Possible?
A: Use a form like this:

<form name="upload" method="post" action="http://localhost/cgi-bin/upload" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<div align="center">Select a file to upload:
<input type="file" name="file">
<input type="hidden" name="filepath" value="\path_to_upload">
<input type="submit" name="Upload" value="Upload">

What's important here is the value of "filepath" hidden field. It should point to a user-related path to upload a file. For example, if the root for the user is "c:\wwwroot\john" and you want him to upload a file to "c:\wwwroot\john\uploads", you should write

<input type="hidden" name="filepath" value="\uploads">


FTP issues.

Q: Do I have to install any other software to run a FTP server?
A: No.

Q: Do my users have to install any software to access my FTP server?
A: Sometimes. If they work in Windows, they will be able to access your FTP server from Internet Explorer. However, it is recommended to use a professional FTP client to ensure fast download speeds. Good FTP clients can also be found in some file managers, such as FAR and Total Commander.

Q: Can I test it without Internet or LAN?
A: Yes, use ftp://localhost/ to test FTP server.

Q: Users cannot connect to my server, however, when I connect to "ftp://localhost/", everything works.
A: This problem was already described above. Try to check all these steps. Make sure FTP ports 20 and 21 are not closed by your firewall software.


URL redirection issues.

Q: Can I use Femitter server without URL redirection service?
A: Sure, the server will work without this service. The purchase of this service is optional.

Q: Will Femitter URL redirection service work if my server has a dynamic IP address?
A: Yes, the server will automatically update your IP address for domain redirection every time you start your server.

Q: Can I access my FTP server as ftp://fem.acritum.com/?a=me ?
A: No, unfortunately, FTP redirection is not possible. However, you can use a special link for FTP redirection. For example, the users who enter "http://fem.acritum.com/ftp.php?user=yourname" will be redirected to "ftp:/YOUR_IP/". As many web browsers are able to work with FTP protocol, your visitors will be able to visit your FTP server after clicking on a HTTP link. You can offer this link on your html pages, for example:

<a href="http://fem.acritum.com/ftp.php?user=john">Feel free to visit my FTP server!</a>

And this is an example how to download one and the same file from HTTP and FTP servers:

<a href="http://fem.acritum.com/?a=john&path=/dist/fem-dist.exe">Download Femitter distributive from a HTTP server.</a>
<a href="http://fem.acritum.com/ftp.php?user=john&path=/dist/fem-dist.exe">Download the same file from a FTP server.</a>

Warning: not all web browsers can work with FTP servers, so this redirection doesn't guarantee that the user will actually reach your FTP server. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are proved to be able to work with FTP servers.

Q: If FTP redirection doesn't work from FTP clients, how do I notify my users about my new IP?
A: There exists a special script that shows your last submitted IP. If the user doesn't exist, the script shows nothing. By default it shows only IP:

Result: ""

If you use a PHP or Perl hosting, you may write simple scripts to embed this information into your web pages. If you don't have PHP/Perl, you may use a link from your web page to show a simple welcome message with your current IP. This can be done with the help of "format" parameter which understands @ip, @hport, @fport masks. The "fromat" value shouldn't be too long, otherwise the server returns an error. Here is a simple example of a welcome message:

Result: "Web server is and file server is, port 21."

Q: I used URL redirection and I don't need it anymore. Do I have to delete my account?
A: No, all accounts are registered for one year and deleted automatically after expiration date unless they are not prolonged for one more year. However, if you don't want to redirect users to your computer, simply change the IP field to any other web site and set HTTP port 80. For example, to redirect users to Google, just set IP to "google.com".