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Welcome to Total Power Control manual

Thank you for choosing Total Power Control - TPC, it will give you a good deal of power control over your computer! This tool was designed for the owners of notebooks powered by Windows Vista or Windows 7, but it can also be useful for desktop computers. Windows XP support is limited.

To start working with the program, run it, find a green battery icon in the system tray (right-bottom part of the screen). Depending on the charge of your battery, the icon may be also yellow or red. If you don't see the TPC icon in the tray, maybe it is hidden, click on the white triangle to see all tray icons. You should configure the tray bar to show TPC icon constantly for your convenience.

TPC Tray Icon

Double click on the icon may be customized to run any application or power task. Single left mouse button click on the icon opens the main window:

TPC Main Window

Right click on the tray icon opens quick popup menu:

TPC Power Menu


Quick overview of the main TPC features.


· Power Menu . TPC presents the all-in-one power menu which is very convenient - shutdown, restart, sleep, hibernate, logoff, lock workstation, switch user, run screensaver, turn screen off - all under one power button, so you won't need to run through numerous menus to proceed with power tasks anymore. Besides, TPC has a few advanced commands that allow you to restart your PC even if it is not possible to do it using standard Windows restart button. When some applications are hanging, it becomes difficult to reboot the system, but Force Shutdown and Force Restart commands under Advanced submenu will help in most cases. MORE...
· Power Plan Changer . Since the standard power icon in Windows Vista is quite inconvenient and it is absolutely useless in Windows 7, TPC can become a great replacement for it, allowing you to switch between any three power plans you like, including user-made power plans. TPC allows you to visualize power plans using images. For example:

- Power Saver plan makes your computer slower, but it reduces noise and increases battery lifetime almost twice, it shows a Snail.

- Balanced power plan is a trade-off between battery lifetime and performance, it shows an Ostrich.

- High Performance power plan makes your computer faster, but increases the noise and reduces the battery lifetime considerably, it shows a Cheetah.

You can use your own sets of images or download a few sets from Acritum website. MORE...

· Battery Meter . If you decide to get rid of the standard power icon completely, you won't lose anything: TPC can show the status of your battery as well - power source, charge state, charge level and estimated time to work on battery power.
· Remote Power Control . Do you leave your PC often but don't want to lose the power control? TPC has a tiny HTTP server that allows you to control the power tasks of your computer from any part of the world if your computer is connected to internet. Additional software is NOT required - any standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox may be used to access your computer. You can use even a Pocket PC to shutdown, restart, etc your home computer when you are away. The same server may be used to shutdown your computer from another computer using local network (LAN) or Wi-Fi connection. MORE...
· Command Line . All power features are available both from GUI and from command line. Using the command line gives unlimited control to professional users and computer geeks. MORE...
· HotKeys . TPC allows you to create hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) to run absolutely any Windows application. For example, you may set <Ctrl><Alt>C to run a calculator if you use it often or set <Ctrl>N to run notepad if you like to make notes all the time. Since TPC supports command line, you can create hotkeys for any TPC power tasks, for instance, you can set <WIN>S to turn off the screen when you don't need it and it is much more convenient than turn it off using menus. MORE...
· CPU-METER . A semi-transparent floating CPU-METER window can be activated to show current, average and peak CPU usage in realtime. MORE...
· Timer For Power Tasks . TPC Timer is designed to run a power task on desired time. For example, you may set it to turn the PC off after two hours of work and leave the house; the computer will shutdown in two hours automatically without your further assistance. Actually, you may use this timer to run absolutely any Windows application, for example, you may set it to backup your files while you are away. The timer has a very useful extension - CPU-METER, which allows you to proceed with the scheduled task only when the computer becomes idle. For instance, you can run a backup utility and set TPC Timer to shutdown the computer only when all backup tasks are done. The value of CPU idle state can be easily adjusted for your system. MORE...
· Screenshots Management . Saving JPG or BMP screenshots to files is easy now with TPC - no need to use heavy graphic editors to save screenshots from the clipboard anymore. TPC can also create series of screenshots with a separate timer. Screenshots can be made from the tray icon submenu or using HotKeys. MORE...