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CPU Meter


TPC CPU Meter was designed as an add-on for the TPC Timer, however, it may be used separately to observe system activity. CPU Meter is a tiny always-on-top semi-transparent window that shows current, average and peak CPU load. The test period to gather and calculate these values may be set in the configuration window. Threshold shows currently configured CPU idle value that will be used by TPC Timer to activate on CPU idle state. For example, if the CPU idle threshold is set to 10%, the timer will execute your task when the CPU load gets lower than 10% during the specified test period. The threshold may have one of two letters  - "A" means that average CPU load value is used and "P" means that peak CPU load value is used. This is all described in configuration section in more detail.

To activate CPU meter click right mouse button on the tray icon, select TPC MENU -> Show/Hide CPU Meter. To move CPU Meter window, drag it using any unlabeled (empty) space of the window. By default, the window shows in full, but you can switch to simplified view to decrease window size twice, to do it simply double click on any unlabeled space. Another double click returns the window to its standard size.

Note: TPC CPU Meter shows up automatically when used with timer.


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