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Download WinRAR in the official WinRAR site.

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WinRAR is a powerful file archiver and manager. The following is a review of its basic features.

The list of compression formats supported by WinRAR is indeed substantial. The program can unpack no fewer than 14 file compression types, including the eponymous RAR and the ubiquitous ZIP, as well open-source mainstays like TAR, . . . → Read More: WinRAR

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Online manual

EXIF2HTM – convert your EXIF data to HTML, TXT and CSV files!


Exif2htm is a powerful tool allowing you to generate nice HTML tables using EXIF metadata taken from JPEG and TIFF files. The parameters of tables (fonts, colors, cell sizes) are completely customizable. This program is also capable of generating simple TEXT . . . → Read More: Online manual

Exif2htm home page

Acritum Exif2htm is a program that converts EXIF metadata from digital photos (jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff files) to html format. Then this data may be used in different ways.

Professional photographers may want to print the index of hundreds of photos to be able to compare them and find out what camera settings resulted . . . → Read More: Exif2htm

Total Power Control home page

Acritum Total Power Control – TPC puts at your fingertips a well laid out, easy to use tool that will help you get your work done quickly and easily. No more crawling around and clicking through layered menus. TPC Provides functions Microsoft left out. Due to intelligent design and layout, both novices and power . . . → Read More: Total Power Control

Online manual

Online manual

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Seller Price Payment options . . . → Read More: Buy Sophisticated Rename