Sophisticated Rename history file

If you are interested what new features were added since your last update, this is for you…

2010.11.01 – SR Version 3.10.

1) Fast Mode is now turned on and off from file list menu and saved for each preset separately.

2) FTP revision.

3) Added new languages.

2008.08.17 – SR Version 3.07.

1) Minor improvements in translation module.

2) French language added.

2007.12.17 – SR Version 3.06.

1) Updated JPG module to read some strange JPG files that coundln’t be read before.

2) There was a problem detecting *+* in the filelist sometimes, fixed.

3) Some improvements concerning the user of *XXV in Exif Updater.

2007.10.29 – SR Version 3.05.

1) Bug fix. Exif date times could sometimes be incorrectly generated in some locales (Italian for sure). Fixed.

2007.09.25 – SR Version 3.04 Beta.

Following the requests and suggestions comming from the users, a few changes and additions were made.

1) When you drag and drop files to the file list, SR can handle .LNK files in two different ways. They can be treated as ordinary files, or as the files the shortcut points to. In the second case, when you attempt to add, for example, “c:\piclinks\photo001.lnk”, the shortcut destination “c:\photos\photo001.jpg” will be added to the file list.

2) Shortcut manager was added. It allows you to create multiple shortcuts (LNK files) for photos, videos, music and other files within a moment. The file name, the destination folder and the description can be generated using any SR datatype!

3) Now the following file list params are saved for every preset individually, not for all presets:

  • Sort alphabetically
  • Custom paths
  • Show full path
  • Show progress indicators
  • Extension analyzer
  • Auto preview
  • Treat .lnk files as shortcuts*
  • Toggle height

When you load SR, the default settings are loaded, however, when you load a preset, these settings return to the state that was at the moment when the preset was saved.

* This checkbox has acrually 3 states. When SR is newly loaded, or if the preset was saved BEFORE confirmation, you will need to confirm the way you want to treat shortcut files when such files are added. However, if you save the preset AFTER the confirmation, your selection will be saved and no further confirmations will be required.

4) A lot of improvements for Windows Vista non-admin users. However, Vista won’t allow you to rename absolutely all files without elevation (Rus-as-administrator). There’s nothing to be done with it, this is how Vista security system works. Read more about Vista issues and solutions in the manual.

5) The concept of “File source application” added. It can be any program that allows drag-and-drop operations with files and folders (Explorer, ACDSee, Total commander, etc). You can specify up to 3 file source applications that you like and run them quickly right from SR main window.

6) Portuguese (Brasil) language file was written by one of the users and added to the distributive pack.

2007.02.13 – SR Version 3.03 Release.

1) Fixed bug in FTP file rename module (problems with renaming files in non-root folders).

2007.02.10 – SR Version 3.02 Release.

1) Windows Vista compatibility added.

2) FastMode (see [help/the basics], at the end of the page).

2006.10.30 – SR Version 3.01 Release.

1) Bug fix: when using Search and Replace, it was impossible to see the preview until the preset was saved and loaded, now the changes can be seen immediately (the bug appeared in v3.00).

2) After a long and boring work, now it became possible to translate SR into any language. If you want to translate the program into a non-English language, please contact the developer: you will get a free SR license (or a free license for any other Acritum product if you already bought SR) and you will also enjoy special terms of partnership.

2006.09.11 – SR Version 3.00 Release.

1) When changing attribs and the file already had required attribs, it wasn’t added to the log at all. Now it is added with the comment “No need to change attribs for <file>”.

2) Increased reliability of Exif updater (problems when trying to write to non-jpg files).

3) Now all operations of Exif Updater are logged and it’s easier to find problematic files.

4) All operations of ID3 Updater are logged.

5) All FTP rename/delete operations are logged.

6) Now FTP session is closed as soon as the files were renamed (FTP renamer).

7) The problems with run-time logs were solved (it wasn’t visible when indicators were turned off).

8) The progress bar for COPY tasks was not precise enough – fixed.

2006.07.17 – SR Version 3.00 beta 2.

1) Bug fix: when changing dates of files according to exif from the main window and a file without exif was found, SR ignored all the following files. The bug appeared in 3.00.beta1.

2) Now when pressing [clear] button after the process, SR hides the log and shows the file list at once so you may add new files for the next process at once.

2006.06.23 – SR Version 3.00 beta 1.

Many parts of the code were changed, so this version may have new bugs that haven’t existed in 2.xx versions. If you find any, please contact the support team.

1) All renaming routines were revised and potentially unsafe parts were rewritten. The safety of your files in critical situation is now higher than before. For instance, when some files with new names already exist in the specified locations, you may decide, whether you want to (a) cancel the process, (b) skip these files or (c) overwrite them. SR 2.xx always canceled the process and restored old names, so you had to resolve the problem manually and it could take a lot of time.

2) Now it is possible not only to rename files, but also copy them to different folders. It may be useful to prepare backup copies before starting the renaming process.

3) SR saves undo files for all renaming processes. You may restore old names for the processes that you conducted some time ago (unless you moved or deleted these files).

4) When you move over a line in the file list, you see the full file name and its number in the list as a hint. This is useful because when some problem arises, SR reports the number of the file in the file list and you can easily find it to uncheck it or give it another new name.

5) More detailed logs: now they also reflect attributes and dates operations. A real-time log shows progress and error messages right in the main window.

6) Command line use was changed. Why? To increase the compatibility with other programs, such as file managers and photo viewers. The thing is, when you drag files or folders to a SR icon, SR starts and the files are added to the filelist. For instance, Total Commander allows you to add various software icons right to its toolbar. This change affects all old preset shortcuts created with SR 2.0x – they should be recreated in SR 3.0. If you use SR from a command line, read the new manual carefully because the usage was changed.

2006.03.21 – SR Version 2.07.

1) Includes all features of beta 1 + new registration code is needed (registered users request it free) + German language pack is available now.

2006.02.07 – SR Version 2.07 beta 1.

1) Corrected bug with alphabetical counters (3 letters and more).

2) The max limit for counters was increased to 2,147,483,647.

3) The possibility to erase Exif metadata (JPG and TIF files) from Exif Updater.

4) The possibility to save and load settings in Exif Updater.

5) The possibility to write some exif tags to JPG and TIF files from Exif Updater; SR datatypes support.

6) Added 2 presets to restore original Canon and Olympus names.

7) Toolbar added. It should be noted that the icons are pathetic, so if you sort out a few good royalty-free 16×16 icons, the ones that are used now will be gladly replaced.

8) Improved template checking algorythm: when 2 files has one and the same new name, SR not only shows the error as before, but also tells you which files cause the problem.

9) The possibility to view image from Exif Updater.

10) Exif Master and Data plugins were built into sr.exe. This gives up to 6% perfomance increase when working with a large number of files. The use is the same, but instead of selecting a dll module, select sr.exe.

11) [Add item] -> *XVR menu items were separated into groups to make their search faster.

12) Added 3 new *XVR EXIF vars.

13) New style of the main window allowed to increase the template area.

14) Extension manager now can use all SR datatypes to use new extension.

15) Extension analyzer added.

16) Manual became more complete and handy to use.

2005.09.01 – SR Version 2.06 beta 1.

1) An error message ” ‘.. ::’ is not a valid date and time.” could appear when SR changed date/time according EXIF with a JPG/TIF image containing EXIF metadata with empty or invalid datatime field. Fixed.
2) Exif Updater fixed: when you tried to process EXIF data of non-exif files SR showed “JPG error” and stopped the processing. Now it skips the file and goes on.
3) A very rare error could appear if you had files #0.###, #1.###… with Read-Only attribute in the renaming folder. SR couldn’t delete them and showed a fatal error. Now these files are deleted with no problem thus allowing the renaming process to finish successfuly.

2005.07.08 – SR Version 2.05.

1) First implementation of FTP file renamer. Tested on Linux servers. Yet may have bugs.
2) There was a bug in ID3-Updater which could be seen only when using external programs to generate values for tags. Fixed.
3) Progress indicators sometimes stopped to show progress during an operation. Fixed.

2005.04.27 – SR Version 2.04.

1) [Add Item]-> *XVR menu was split to submenus for the sake of convenience (no need to scroll now).
2) Exif Updater becomes not only Exif updater, because it can be used to process file dates and times. Previous version allowed you to set file dates and times in accordance with Exif values. Now you can use file date and time values to modify other file dates or exif dates. For example, you can use File Date Created to update the value of File Date Modified or Exif Date Original and so on. But you cannot use this method to add Exif dates if these fields do not exist in the Exif metadata: as always, SR do not rewrite original Exif, it only alters the digits in date and time fields, thus nobody will be able to distinguish your new version of the image from the original one.
3) Language packs were revised; German manual was reformatted.

2005.04.17 – SR Version 2.03.

1) Now internal ID3 Updater understands not only text strings but also SR data types. It can be very useful (see lesson-9).
2) A lot of new plugins were created! The further extension of SR will be done mainly by means of plugins because they are easy to write and customize.
3) In the log file you could notice that the “\” symbol was sometimes shown as “\\”. This bug was corrected.
4) Created new function for plugins: sr_getver.

2005.01.08 – SR Version 2.02.

1) Just one bug was corrected. The bug appeared somewhere between versions 1.7 and 2.01. The program didn’t want to change dates and attributes if you didn’t ask to change the names as well. In the new version you can change only names, only dates, only attributes or any of them in any combination. For example, you can remove the R/O attribute and change dates according to exif, leaving the names without changes, which may be useful to process photos copied from a CD.

2004.12.01 – SR Version 2.01.

1) New feature: “custom paths” allows to move files to different folders created at runtime. You can sort out files according to your rules, for example, create folders containing exif date in their names and copy the corresponding photos to these folders, automatically of course.
2) Created the sr_getdate(‘*KEY’) function to get keys in plugin programs. The previous way of getting keys could result in an error in complicated plugins. You are unlikely to bump into this error because the plugins available at the site couldn’t cause it.
3) Created a new plugin “DATA”, it will work only with v2.01 and later. The plugin can store any data at runtime, the data will be available from the beginning to the end of file processing, so now you have new possibilities.

2004.XX.XX – SR Version 2.00.

1) Unfortunately the information on the release date and details is not available.

2004.08.30 – SR Version 1.7.

1) Create preset shortcut problem was solved (1.6 didn’t understand the names with spaces).
2) In external programs the ‘|’ can be a part of a key value if typed twice: ‘||’. In this case it will not be taken as a separator.
3) Updated filelist menu
4) Filelist information (ctrl-i)
5) When the program checks the existence of files, it allows to remove non-existing files automatically.
6) In var editor: cut begin/end str.
7) conditionals can be used from other conditionals, vars and externals!
8) new exif viewer (filtering added)
9) new exif updater (additional features added).
10) folders can be added via paramstr.
11) new functions for plugins:
// Get the number of files in the SR file list
// Get the name of the file number ‘num’
// Get the number of all accessible variables (var, con, xvr, xxv, txt):
// Get the name of var number ‘num’

2004.08.XX – SR Version 1.6.

1) External programs are now dll only. Performance up to 7000 files per second. Unlimited input and output parameters!
2) File list import.
3) Advanced list control ( *-* and *+* ).
4) File remover.
6) Command line params are now supported. (sr.exe presetname filelist1 filelist2 filelist3…).
7) Relative +/- feature for datetime.
8) Exif updater restores old datetime-modified after exif data is updated.
9) Apply confirmation for exif/id3 auto processing mode.
10) When the program is in datetime or attributes mode, the old filenames are shown in the preview list instead of ‘.ext’.
11) Var editor and external routines were added to the [add item] menu.
12) “Tools->Create preset shortcut” allows to create presets-dependent shortcuts. It means that if you click such a shortcut, SR will start and automatically load the preset.
13) When a var is added to the template, it is added bellow the highlighted line and not to the end of the template.
14) New *TXT data type is a kind of advanced constant. It can be edited and updated each time you begin the renaming process.
15) Checkboxes for filelist. Unchecked files will be skipped during the process.
16) Files can be removed from the filelist by selecting them and pressing Del.
17) SAR: replacing something to an empty line in now possible.
18) Only checked files are processed by the SR tools: Exif/Id3 updaters and viewers, File Remover.
19) New more convenient style of Exif/id3 viewer.
20) Additional ways to manage the file list (see context menu of the file list). *–* and *++*.
21) A quick way to add a constant.
22) No more ‘Exit confirmation’. You are asked if you want to save the preset only if it was changed.
23) Improved EXIF Viewer. Some strange JPGs make the viewer stuck and all the following files were not processed. Now you will see ‘Processing error’ message if such a file is in the list. You can use this feature to sort out the files that cause “Done but with errors” result when changing the dates according to Exif. Moreover, Maker Specific info was limited to 8 for Canon cameras, now there is no such limitation anymore.
24) The German language support.
25) Toggle file list height function enlarges the file list to make your work more comfortable.
26) User-friendly plugin interface (help and auto-default-settings).
27) Rectified an error in SAR connected with the case sensitive checkbox.

2004.XX.XX – SR Versions 1.0-1.5.

1) The information on these versions is lost in time. It is only known that the first public release appeared on 2004.06.15 and it differed much from what you can use now ;-) If somebody has SR 1.0, please send it to us, we will put it to our museum!