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Acritum Promo Wizard is a really must-have tool for webmasters who want to increase the number of visitors coming to their websites from various search engines. The software is the next generation of classic doorway page generators with several special technologies that make a kind of human-made text automatically and produce numerous webpages within a few minutes. These pages highly attract the attention of search engines and bring more and more users to your website.

Have you ever wondered why the websites of your competitors are usually above your website in search results, when you use google, yahoo or msn search? Yeah, there are some tricks to get your website above others. Your competitors already learned some of these tricks while you are just to find them out right now. The thing that makes one page better than the others is called “page rank”. Every search engine uses its own algorithm to calculate page ranks of various websites, but they all take into consideration what content the page provides to users. So, let’s put all other issues aside and create a lot of good content with the help of our Acritum Promo Wizard software. Contrary to classic doorway generators that create stupid pages with keyphrases only and don’t give any noticeable result because search engines recognize such pages easily and ingnore them later, we will create pseudo human-made pages that will be considered by search engines as really worthy pages. Our software was used by many webmasters and tested in Webmaster Lab and always gave a noticeable increase in the number of website visitors.

The idea is simple. You create 20-40 pages automatically with our software, put them to your site and wait while they are cached by search engines. Usually it takes from 2 to 8 weeks. Our software also creates Google Sitemap file (sitemap.xml) to ensure that all the pages will be cached by Google as soon as possible. After the pages are cached, you will enjoy the increased number of visitors coming from search engines. Optionally, you may add a javascript code to redirect users from the automatically generated pages to your main website. More information is to be found in the software manual.

And if you use your website to sell something, then just remember that


Online Demo.

You can see how the simpliest template works online. It has a lot of useful keywords about “backup software” to promote One-click BackUp for WinRAR. In this certain case the auto-reditrection is not used because you wouldn’t see the page content otherwise. Instead of an automatic redirect, the pages use a red box asking the user who came from a search engine to visit the normal official page of the software (you can use any other tricks you like to make users go to another page if you don’t want to use auto redirct in such pages).


Click [here] to download the latest trial version of Acritum Promo Wizard. The trial version will save only 4 automatically created files per project just to show you the results of its work. Full version doesn’t have any limitations at all.

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