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One-click BackUp for WinRAR testimonials

We receive a lot of nice words from our users and we always glad to receive new ones! If you want to add your testimonial here, feel free to contact us!

Hi there, my name is Leen Jonkman, I am a system manager for 12 primary schools in the Netherlands (all on different locations). Every weekend I want to backup and transfer 60 gig of data to our ftp server. I have been looking for a reliable backup program with the capability of transferring these backups to an ftp server over the internet. I have tried many programs, and the few I found that did worked well were very expensive. This was no option for the small budget we have.

I have been working with OCB for several months now on 12 different locations and all the data is stored now on a backup server on one location and I never had any problem with OCB.

Last week we have installed a second ftp server on another location, so now we have more hard disk space, to store the backups, and we have 2 internet connections so the data transfer has been increased.

OCB works with winrar, this is the best compression for data. There are many options for storing the data (all can be set within OCB) and great compression makes less traffic over the internet.

Another plus for OCB is the support the OCBteam is giving when you have a problem or a question. Never had so fast answer on my questions.

I do think this is a great program, and it saves so much of my time (and money) because I can rely on it.

Leen Jonkman, Netherlands.

I’m in charge to maintain two important databases: one for sold software licenses and the other is a maildatabase. It’s very important for me to be sure that both databases are safely backupped at regular basis. I’m using OCB as scheduler and tool to keep control about the “were, when and how” together with WinRAR, which is a strong packer with lots of safety options, hence add recovery records. OCB even mails me when something went wrong when backupping to FTP-server or when burning a backup CD. Yes, OCB and WinRAR: two unbeaten trusty friends…

Hendrik, Belgium.

Hi, my name is Francisco Oldani and I am Visual Basic programmer. I use Winrar for my backups long time ago, but with OCB I save very much time to define a backup profile. I define or modify a backup in seconds and also the control over various backups versions is very easy, this is very important for me. Now OCB is a essential tool for my work and the Winrar with OCB is the best way for backup control. It is a non expesive software and the support it is wonderful. Thanks Anatoliy for your work and continue in this way :-) Sorry for my English, I’m Spanish.

Francisco Oldani, Spain.

Hi. I have developed a small database application to help my wife sell cosmetics door to door for a rather well known international company. She has been one of the top 40 representatives within Australia for about 10 years. The only representative to outsell my wife in the local area also has a copy of my program.

I wanted to ensure my wife’s data was backed up regularly in a simple low cost manner. I gave OCB a try, as I was already a WinRAR convert. OCB exceeded my expectations and I now recommend it to family and friends. I have helped my father set up a simple preset that allows him to save all his genealogy data to CD with a single “click”. The look of relief knowing he can easily retrieve his years of research – well it just brings a warm glow.

Congratulations Anatoliy on such a simple to use, yet powerful product.

Gerard Hutchings, Australia.