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OCB history file

If you are interested what new features were added since your last update, this is for you…

3.01 (2016-03-14)

1) OCB preset configuration allows you to select RAR5 archiving format for RAR and EXE archives. This can increase compression ratio but you will not be able to open these archives using WinRAR 4.xx and previous versions. RAR4 is still used as default archiving format to increase compatibility.

2) Dictionary size is different in RAR4/RAR5 archiving formats. If you load presets saved from OCB 3.00 in OCB 3.01, you should have no problems. But if you load OCB 3.01 presets using 3.00 and previous versions, they will work, however, the dictionary size will be shown incorrectly unless you use “Auto” value.

3) Authenticity record checkbox was removed from Preset Configuration because it is not supported by WinRAR anymore.

4) Bug fix (Windows XP only): OCB asked to select the settings folder every time it was executed in Windows XP and previous versions. This bug didn’t appear in Windows Vista and later versions.

5) Now OCB is installed from a WinRAR SFX archive. Manual extraction from WinRAR is also possible. To update: run installation and overwrite old files. To uninstall: delete everything from the installation folder and delete everything from the settings folder if you are not going to use OCB in the future.


3.00 beta 4 (2012-03-10)

1) Added some explanations to the settings folder selection window. Now anyone can select a correct folder for any specific situation.

2) Updated Internet components library.

3) Updated CD/DVD burning library.


3.00 beta 3 (2012-03-09)

1) There were problems on Windows accounts with limited privileges (non-admin accounts). OCB couldn’t save settings in its folder, so users could see file access denied errors and others of the kind. This version allows users to select ANY folder to store OCB settings. Please make sure the selected folder is writable under your user account.


3.00 beta 2 (2011-03-05)

1) Don’t remember now, but works very stable under admin accounts.


2.30 (2010-11-02)

1) A few code optimizations.

2) Language packs revisions and updates.

3) Now it is possible to find WinRAR.exe manually or skip auto search during first time installation.

4) User request: now checkboxes in preset config and settings windows have the exact widths of the labels to avoid misclicking.

3.00 beta 2 (2010.10.18)

1) The possibility to run FTP cleaner only after successful uploads.

3.00 beta 1 (2010.06.16)

1) Updated CD/DVD component.

2) Updated Internet component (FTP/SMTP/Remote Access).

3) Now it is possible to burn CD/DVD without ejecting the disk, although files CANNOT be seen until you eject the disc because the disc can be only reinitialized by Windows after it is reinserted. This feature may be used for notebooks that cannot load disks automatically.

4) Preset configuration now has a wipe checkbox to securely delete files after packing them to a RAR file.

5) Scheduling from remote access could lead to an error – now it is fixed.

2.20 (2008.02.12)

1) The possibility of ingoring WinRAR warnings (checkbox in Error Management tab).

2.19 (2007.10.22)

1) New release of CD/DVD burner library was used in this version. Some old bugs were fixed. Theoretically, the new library supports Blue-Ray and HD-DVD drives, but this feature is unofficial in OCB, as there are no such burners here to test it and ensure that everything’s fine.

2) Better shutdown handler: now OCB can catch the moment when Windows shuts down and prevent it if a preset is running (some software installers sometimes reboot the system without any confirmation). This is especially important when burning CDs or making long FTP transfers.

3) OCB-Keeper now can be protected with password as well as OCB-Recycle.

4) OCB-BIN functions now allow you to keep several versions of one and the same stored file.

5) OCB scheduler can understand days of weeks. Read the manual to avoid the misuse of the new feature.

6) Option: “Close button hides OCB to tray (use tray icon menu to exit OCB)” in settings/interface.

7) Non-critical bug – the filesize for files larger than 4GB was detected incorrectly (after WinRAR execution). NTFS only. Fixed.

8) Non-critical bug in the scheduler: when you double clicked an item in the schedule list, the date and other parameters on the form were changed, but the day of week remained the same. Fixed.

2.18 beta 2 (2007.05.22)
1) Revised many FTP routines. FTP transfers should be more stable now.

2) Fixed FTP/SMTP timeout bugs.

3) Bug fix: Sendlog could send e-mail before the prior preset is finished when at least one error occured.

4) Bug Fix: now SMTP error reporting can handle several errors at once (previous version showed “SMTP component not ready” after second error).

2.18 beta 1 (2007.05.15)

1) Some users faced [FTP – Error 500 Control connection closed – Connection aborted (#10053)] problem after all files were successfully uploaded to the FTP server. The error was caused by some FTP servers that dropped control connection too quickly. Now OCB just ignores this situation and shows a warning that doesn’t stop further operations.

2) /SENDLOG(n) advanced command implemented. It allows you to request the log for the last n hours to your e-mail address. The command can be called by the scheduler, from the command line and from HTTP remote access.

3) There were several complains that OCB 2.17 Release prevented Windows from shutting down. The problem was in the new version of the DVD library. As it is developped by another company and licensed for OCB, I don’t know when the problem is to be fixed, that’s why the previous version of the DVD component is used now to solve the problem with shutdown.

2.17 Release (2007.04.17)

1) Bug fix: when you pressed Alt-F4 to close OCB window, first OCB showed preset config window as if you pressed only F4 and only then closed window. Now it closes OCB window at once.

2) Updated languages: Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish.

2.17 beta 6 (2007.03.27)

1) Basic Windows Vista compatibility added (a lot of work is still to be done).
Known Vista issues:
a) OCB is not allowed to modify the registry when it is run by a standard user (not admin). That’s why the only possibility to change “run OCB on startup” mode is to run OCB as admin and change it as needed.
b) When OCB is run by a standard user (not admin), both OCB and WinRAR are not allowed to access some files created by other users with higher privileges, this may cause problems when backing up common files belonging to all users.
c) Standard “Registry Backup” preset won’t work because users are not allowed to write files to the root, you should change the preset to export the registry to some other location.
d) Maybe something else, please report Vista problems if you find any…

2) Fixed auto-cleaner bug (it could sometimes delete old files even when the new ones were not created by WinRAR for some reason). Now you should always have not less than MAX-1 copies, even if WinRAR fails to create new backups.

3) Added “Run” item to the preset right-click menu and a toolbar icon (the same as doubleclick).

4) Fixed the problem with restore manager: when the paths of archives had spaces, OCB didn’t want to open them.

2.17 beta 5 (2007.02.18)

1) Updated CD/DVD burning library (recognizes new burners).

2) Now OCB starts in Windows Vista..

2.17 beta 4 (2007.01.06)

1) Bug fix: when uploading huge files to FTP servers, the progress indicator dropped down after some time and started showing the progress from the beginning. Fixed.

2) FTP improvement: when connecting to an anonymous FTP server without specifying user/pass, OCB could fall asleep until you abort preset execution. Now when you do not specify user/pass, OCB sends “anonymous” / “nobody@nowhere.com”.

3) Added the possibility to accuire FTP IP or host name by means of a web script (PHP/Perl or any other). This is used to allow you to backup your files to FTP servers with dynamic IP addresses.

4) Now it is possible to save custom column widths in the preset list table. For example, if you do not use the scheduler, you can resize the “scheduled execution” column to zero to give more space to preset names. This feature is turned off by default and you can turn it on in the settings window.

5) OCB could hang up if you didn’t load the CD/DVD before the burning process. Now it waits for 20 seconds or until the CD is recognized, whatever takes less time. If the CD was not recognized in 20 seconds, the CD action will be aborted.

2.17 beta 3 (2006.12.06)

1) Fully workable beta version with CD/DVD support (all Windows versions).

2.17 beta 1, 2 (2006.11.22)

1) Beta versions with limited functionality to test new CD/DVD component.

2.16 Release (2006.11.07)

1) An option for users with poor eyesight: the possibility to set the size of the font in the preset list and log window.

2) Now OCB-BIN window stays on top even when the main OCB window is hidden to tray.

3) The possibility to switch between OCB-Keeper/Recycle using the system tray icon menu.

4) OCB button remained visible on the taskbar when the OCB-BIN was enabled and the main window was minimized – now there is no button on the taskbar even when the OCB-BIN window is visible.

5) Improved file browser (the problem with not showing the extensions on some systems was solved).

2.16 beta 5 (2006.09.04)

1) As not all language files are ready yet, you have some time to test a new cool feature before the release version is ready. It is called Shell Notifier. The idea is that OCB can trace the changes in selected folders and schedule desired tasks when some change takes place (for example, when a new file is created or an old file is changed). Read the manual for more information. As always, all cool features become available in the shareware version only, and this one is not an exception.

2) Second instance check event was changed from event to mutex check (actually, should be no difference in everyday life, but it should ensure more stability when OCB is terminated for some reason and then started again).

2.16 beta 4 (2006.08.24)

1) Bug fixed: when downloading an archive from FTP, OCB closed the ftp download window even if the download was unsuccessful, so you couldn’t see the error message. The bug appeared in 2.16.b2.

2) Improved Restore window: now it filters only the 3 freshest archives for each action.

2.16 beta 3 (2006.08.15)

1) Added keyboard shortcuts, resembling those of Norton
Commander. To see a quick help, press F11.

2) The file browser was redesigned based on the Peni’s suggestions.

3) OCBSVC can be activated and deactivated from Settings/General tab now. If you already activated it manually, be sure to deactivate it by “ocbsvc.exe /uninstall” and then activate it again from OCB settings window (although there is no difference, but if you do it, you will be able to activate and deactivate it easily in the future).

2.16 beta 2 (2006.08.14)

1) Added an internal file browser to add files and folders to include or exclude list (for those who doesn’t find drag’n’drop convenient enough).

2) Added glyphs for all OK, CANCEL and HELP buttons.

3) Tab order was corrected where it was wrong.

4) Added Help and Close buttons for restore and ftp download windows, added F1 and ESC keys support for these windows.

5) Improved restore window view in Freeware mode.

6) Safety confirmation: when enabling “Delete files after archiving” feature, you are required to resubmit your decision.

7) Restore icon was added to the toolbar.

2.16 beta 1 (2006.07.31)

1) First attempts to make restoration easier. A restore wizard was added. Besides working with COPY and CD, it can also automatically download backup files from FTP servers.

2) OCBSVC – service for Windows NT+ systems to start OCB when the user is not logged in. Recommended for sysadmins only. The beta version is available in a separate pack.

3) A few new advanced commands were added, mainly to support ocbsvc.

2.15.4 (2006.06.27)

1) It was reported that OCB wouldn’t start on [Compaq Presario 2404EU 2.4GHz CPU Intel Celeron 768 Mb RAM 40 Gb HDD Windows XP SP2]. Although it was a single report, the problem was solved by increasing the second instance check event timer from 10 ms to 100 ms. There is no need to upgrade from 2.15.3 if OCB successfully loads in your system.

2.15.3 (2006.06.04)

1) Improved the speed of FTP/SMTP transfers. The possibility to adjust max transfer speed / CPU load balance (see error management tab in the settings window).

2.15.2 (2006.05.16)

1) A bug with “Show notification when done” (ocb-bin) was fixed.

2.15.1 (2006.05.01)

1) A memory leakage has been found when the scheduler was on, the problem can be solved by replacing old ocb.exe with the new one. Thanks to Dirk Weirowski for reporting such a serious bug.

2.15 (2006.04.10)

1) This release version has no functional additions because the previous beta version was proved to be stable. It was released only because many people are afraid of installing beta versions. You don’t need this update if you use 2.15.b2.

2) Updated languages: Dutch, Italian, Russian, Spanish.

3) New language: Portuguese.

2.15 beta 2 (2006.02.17)

1) Fixed bug with ocb-bin tab help button (appeared in 2.15.b1).

2) Fixed bug with main OCB window translation (appeared in 2.15.b1).

3) Another icon is used for the keeper (much more different from the recycle bin).

4) [?] Fixed bug with starting OCB from a shortcut (appeared in 2.15.b1, still under testing].

2.15 beta 1 (2.14.1 update) (2006.02.10)

1) OCB-BIN, including OCB-Keeper to quickly save documents that you want to modify at the moment and OCB-Recycle to keep unneded documents that you would probably delete (this is MUCH better than Windows Recycle Bin!). This feature is really NEW, so you should test it a bit with copies of files to make sure that it is reliable at this stage of development. It is still possible that unpredictable problems may arise, so all comments are welcome.

2.14.1 (2006.01.27)

1) Now it’s possible to specify a non-standard ports for SMTP and FTP servers.

2) French language added.

2.14 (2006.01.17)

1) Preset list max. height was increased from 320 to 1200 because the main window can be maximized now.

2) The German and Dutch language files added to the distributive.

3) The problem with “Visit Acritum website” in Win98 is now solved.

2.14 beta 3 (2006.01.10)

1) Final improvements, a few interface changes.

2) /Abort problem: when this command was sent via http control panel, OCB didn’t return 200 OK status so you couldn’t send another command until you reloaded the page manually (F5).

3) There was a problem when trying to edit an exclude list of a new unsaved preset in Notepad. Fixed.

4) Spanish and Italian language files were added.

5) Bug fix: when duplicating a preset with an icon, the icon was not duplicated correctly. Fixed.

6) I found that many users are too lazy to read the manual. Some of them don’t even know that it’s possible to hide OCB to the system tray, although this feature was available from the first version. To increase comprehensibility I decided to make “Minimize” button work as “Hide to tray”. If you don’t like it, go to settings/interface and check “Minimize button minimizes OCB to taskbar instead of hiding it to tray” – this will make OCB minimize as before.

7) This version has resizable main window. Moreover, OCB saves the position of the window and when you load it again it restores the window with the same size and at the same position as it was when you left the program. You can make a full-screen window or a small window which will take just a little space in the corner of the screen. Demos of customized windows are here: http://acritum.com/ocb/info.htm

2.14 beta 2 (2005.12.14)

1) First official freeware mode is available.

2) Tab order was corrected.

3) Log management buttons were added to the toolbar.

4) View WinRAR log feature (both toolbar and log context menu).

5) Options menu was expanded with subitems.

6) Now it’s possible to use 16×16 bitmaps for each preset.

7) Added checkbox: “Ignore default WinRAR profile”. Read the manual, it’s really important.

2.14 beta 1 (2005.12.05).

Hi! Those of you who submitted some new ideas were probably awaiting this newsletter with foretaste. That’s right, this version was build using 100% of your suggestions and corrections and 0% of my own ideas.

First of all I should warn you that this beta version really needs testing before serious use. The reason is the completely removed protection. As you know, OCB 2.10 introduced a new tricky anti-hacker protection in March 2005. It has been cracked just in this autumn and it allowed us to release 2.11 and 2.12 without the necessity to change registration codes (six months without cracks – quite a good result!). In 2.12 I weakened the protection to increase the interest to the program and the first keygen really appeared (at the same time the traffic at the website increased 5 times!!!). Although, the keygen turned out to be “defective” and resulted in various bugs in cracked OCB. The hackers released the second version of the keygen (they wrote that it was fixed but it didn’t work properly as well). The third release of the same keygen turned out to be successful, well they took it as a challenge and I had no doubts that they would finally make it. The funny thing is that the protection is removed now so their work won’t crack OCB 2.14 ;-) Greetz to Knight/TSRH – good work anyway. If you read this stuff, it would be exciting to read your article about OCB 2.10/2.12 protection and how to crack it.

And now the list of technical changes in 2.14.

1) Bug fix. Startup with Windows: OCB used to write itself to HKEY_CURRENT_USER//run so you could notice that OCB didn’t want to start up with Windows if you logged in with another user name (not the same user account that was used when OCB was previously used). Now OCB writes itself to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE//run so it starts no matter what user account is used to log in.

2) Bug fix. OCB used default WinRAR settings even if they interfered with preset settings. Thus, if you saved “delete files after archiving” as default WinRAR profile and the OCB preset said that the files shouldn’t be deleted, they were deleted anyway. Now OCB ignores *ALL* default WinRAR settings to prevent such situations, so if you see that your presets work different in 2.14, you should check the internal preset settings once again and set the checkboxes that were checked in WinRAR default profile but were unchecked in OCB presets. To say the truth, most of users don’t need to change anything, but I just found it necessary to warn you about the possible outcome of this change.

3) If the destination path of a preset did not exist and couldn’t be created (i.e. network error) the preset halted after WinRAR finished its work and it could take a lot of time. Now OCB checks the availability of the destination folder before running WinRAR. The check only occurs if there are no other actions enabled. Thus, if the destination folder is not reachable but there’s still a CDRW task to complete, OCB will start WinRAR anyway.

4) During the first-time installation OCB scanned disk to find WinRAR.exe automatically. Now it tries to find WinRAR.exe in the default location before scanning the disk. The default location is “<Program_Files_Dir>\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe”. The name of Program_Files_Dir varies in different languages of Windows, in English version it is “C:\Program Files”.

5) Bug fix. Balloon hint: When there were many scheduled tasks in the schedule, the balloon couldn’t fit all records and truncated them. Thus, when a preset was running, the balloon didn’t show “bla-bla-bla is running at the moment”. To prevent this problem now the balloon shows only three coming tasks and if the schedule has more tasks, the balloon shows “…” after the third line which means “there are more tasks in the schedule but there’s not enough room to show all records”.

6) Now OCB changes its standard yellow icon in the system tray to a green one when there’s something to do. Thus it explains the slowdown of the computer’s performance if you run WinRAR as a hidden task.

7) Bug fix. ‘Run program after WinRAR’ feature didn’t work in direct raring mode, now it works.

8) Additional security: the possibility to use the administrator’s password to prevent children or employees from closing OCB. To put it simple, you cannot exit OCB without entering the password. This feature is available in settings/security window.

9) Added Environment variables support in “copy to folder” path and “archive name” field. Examples: Path: “C:\Backups\%COMPUTERNAME%”, name: “Docs_%USERNAME%”. Read more about this feature in the manual.

10) Report errors to admin e-mail address (via SMTP server). Important: read manual about restrictions.

11) Toolbar.

12) Add authentication info checkbox.

13) The possibility to add comments to RAR/ZIP/EXE archives.

2.12 (2005.09.13).

1) /SafeExit advanced command added.

2) Additional possibilities in shortcut manager.

2.12 beta 7 (2005.09.07).

1) Trial period is now extended to infinity. Please read the manual to find out what limitations occur after 30 days of unregistered use.

2) All windows except main window can be closed by pressing ESC key. It is the same as if you pressed “Cancel” button.

3) Now you can read contextual help by pressing F1 key in any OCB window (the same as pressing “Help” button).

4) Problem with multiple cdrw recorders solved: previous versions always selected only the first one in the Preset Configuration window although correct recorder name was stored in the preset.

5) New feature: “Learn Latin phrases”.

5) Windows Registry BackUp preset is now installed by default.

2.12 beta 6 (2005.08.24).

1) Manual compiled to CHM format (with index).

2) Contextual help in all OCB windows (i.e. help buttons lead to the description of the corresponding Window). Now works only in newer OS (XP, 2003). Older verions users must download a HTML version of the manual.

2.12 beta 5 (2005.08.22).

1) Advanced configuration of exclude lists.

2) Ecxlude files with certain file attributes.

3) Easy exclude of junk files (*.bak, *.tmp and other custom masks).

4) Exclude files that don’t match a set of masks (need WinRAR 3.50).

2.12 beta 4 (2005.07.28).

1) “Edit filelist in notepad for new presets” bug corrected (appeared in 2.12 beta 2).

2) Tab order corrected in all windows.

3) In non-English language default TListBox values were reset when trying to create a new preset (compression and paths).

4) Settings menu is now skinned.

5) I KNOW IT’S WHAT YOU AWAITED FROM THE FIRST VERSION – OK and Cancel buttons in the settings menu!

OCB v2.12 beta 3 (2005.07.27).

1) A serious bug was found when adding a new preset. The bug appeared only in v2.12 beta 2.

2) A few not so serious fixes.

OCB v2.12 beta 2 (2005.07.26).

1) Include and Exclude lists were moved to united preset configuration page.

2) Edit controls became skinned.

3) Added memo for each preset.

OCB v2.12 beta 1 (2005.07.24).

1) Added rename preset function.

2) Run external programs: before preset, after preset, via scheduler.

3) Now it is possible to backup Windows Registry.

4) Log context menu: export log to a text file, truncate log, clear log.

OCB v.2.11 (2005.06.22).

1) When OCB tried to erase a CD that was already blank it showed an error, although the following burning process was successful. Now OCB doesn’t try to erase an empty CD.

2) Added a checking to prevent CD process if the total size of the archive(s) exceeds the size of the CD.

OCB v.2.11 beta 2 (2005.06.06).

1) A lot of possible problems conserning CD-RW were prevented in this version. It is strongly recommended to upgrade to this version if you use CD feature. BUT: this is beta version and it may have bugs, so you should test it thoroughly to ensure that it has no problems with your presets and hardware.

2) Fixed error with CD-RW erasing. Funny thing is that first OCB didn’t have this error because I corrected it in TXPBurn at the very beginning. Then I replaced TXPBurn with another copy which had the same bug. Noticed the problem just in this version: some CD-RW recorders were recognized as CD-R (not CD-RW) and this caused errors when erasing a CD-RW disc. Now this is fixed.

3) One more fix: OCB shows correct speed of burinig now. You should insert a CD-RW disc before OCB initializes IMAPI, otherwise the speed will be recognized incorrectly. The best time to insert a CD is before runing the preset or while WinRAR is packing files. If you use ‘Insert a CD’ dialog box, you may insert a CD before pressing OK.

4) This version of OCB can verify files after burning them to CD-RW.

5) Now you can automatically erase a CD only when there is no enough room to write a new backup archive. It saves your time and allows you to keep previous versions of archives along with the latest one.

6) Confirmation window ‘insert new diskette’ was shown when this feature was checked even when you copied files to a hard drive location. Now it is shown only when you copy files to drives A: or B:.

7) Some COPY algorithms were revised: should be more stable now.

8) OCB shows total size of all files written by WinRAR. Example: “TEST: WinRAR – Done (3 files, 4.7M).”

9) Added info about language files in “Settings” window.

10) IMPORTANT: a lot of little changes were also made, so it is possible that you can find new bugs during testing. Please report them to the developer and they will be fixed in the release version.

OCB v.2.11 beta 1 (2005.05.31).

1) Added COPY and FTP Cleaners. They allow to delete obsolete backup files automatically (by creation date or max. copies number).

2) Now it is possible to change the language of the program from the command line (“/language” parameter).

3) A few misprints were corrected.

OCB v.2.10 (2005.05.02).

1) Log list: single click was changed to double click (to show details in a new window).

2) It is convenient to have a lot of presets (more then 6). Previous versions could show only 6 presets, the other presets being accessible via scrolling. This version allows you to specify the proportion of the preset list height to the log height. For example, if you have 8 presets, it will be convenient to slightly increase the size of the preset list to use all your presets without scrolling.

3) Minor internal optimizations to prevent possible problems caused by incorrect user actions.

4) Other fixes: buttons with glyphs and hints in settings windows and something else.

OCB v.2.10 beta 4 (2005.04.04).

1) Direct Raring mode bug was corrected. The bug appeared in v2.10.b1.

2) New feature: delete phonebook entry.

3) Added hints for small buttons without captions.

4) RAR update support: a) Always create a new archive b) Update: +new +deleted c) Update: -new -deleted d) Update: new -deleted e) Update: -new +deleted.

5) Manual has been updated for all changes from 2.10.b1.

OCB v.2.10 beta 3 (2005.03.28).

1) Additional “Close” buttons were added to some windows.

2) Internationalization support (everyone can translate the program easily into his/her native language). Manual is in “language\sample.lng”.

3) In the scheduler window not only red/green button, but also the whole panel can turn on/off the scheduler.

4) RAR Recovery Record support.

5) RAR dictionary size support.

6) Open and save skin dialogs are now point to default skins folder.

OCB v2.10 beta 1 (2005.03.21).

1) Skins – personalize your OCB (skins don’t look good in Windows 98. Probably, they will work fine only in XP/2003).

2) Complete dialup support (create new connection, edit connections, establish connection for SMTP/FTP, redial on BUSY, hangup…).

3) Only XP/2003: If you click on the tray icon, a baloon tooltip with all scheduled items will appear. It is convenient when OCB is hidden and you want to know when the nearest task will be executed. This feature can be disabled in settings/general window.

4) Now it is possible to assign a wave file to be played when an error occurs.

5) More convenient log: now errors may be shown in red color (if skin feature is on). New feature: you can click to any line of the log and OCB will calculate how many days ago this event took place and will tell you the day of week.

6) OCB 2.10 becomes more efficient in terms of processor time. Previous versions often kept processor loaded up to 100%, especially in FTP/SMTP retries, when the program actually just waited. This version doesn’t take processor time when it is not needed. Thus, when OCB waits for SMTP or FTP retry, it will not slow down other programs.

7) Now the preset table in the main window is sortable. It may be useful if you have a lot of presets and want to find the presets that haven’t been used during a long time. It is easy to do – click “previous execution” header to sort using last execution date. Click again to change sorting order (ascending/descending). Sorting options are saved in options file and they will be preserved when you close the program and run it again later. Click “Preset name” header to get back to default alphabetical sorting.

8) System tray icon menu has been updated.

9) Tray Icon context menu could remain opened until you select something even when it lost control, but now it always disappears.

10) Command /hide works better: previous version first showed OCB window on startup and then hid it, this version doesn’t show OCB window at all if /hide is used as a command line parameter.

11) More checkings to prevent problems caused by incorrect use of the program (user errors).

12) defailt.pst was changed to ocb.pst. OCB will automatically rename it if you upgraded from an earlier version.

13) FTP can work with both passive and active mode (previous versions – only passive). If your ftp server shows errors like “Error 550 Permission denied”, check “active mode” checkbox in FTP settings tab.

OCB v.2.09 (2005.03.09)

1) Users can specify a temp folder for WinRAR processes. Previous versions always wrote temp archives to Windows default temp folder. This could cause problems if this folder had less space then it was required to store the files. Now you can select a quick drive with enough space to store temp archives.

2) In Sheduler, the cursor becomes a “hand” when you point to the green/red button.

3) The executable file is now distributed in a packed form to reduce the size of the distributive pack and increase the speed of the program’s execution.

4) First Russian Release is now available.

OCB v.2.08

1) Security tab was added for system administrators (see settings).

2) Default settings for new presets are now configurable.

3) Check for second instance of OCB was added for the sake of security and stability. You can run second instance of OCB with command line parameters; it will update the schedule and halt, and the scheduled presets will be executed by the first instance of OCB.

4) Tab order was corrected in the places where it was wrong.

5) Now it is possible to turn off the scheduler. But please read manual before doing it. /schon, /schoff commands added.

OCB v.2.07

1) PRO and STD versions were merged into one program. This version has all features which were available in OCB 2.06 PRO.

OCB v.2.06

1) Some minor improvements.

2) WinRAR doesn’t steal the focus of the active application when run by the schedule.

3) Improvements in Include/Exclude lists editor.

4) Manual updated in some places.

OCB v.2.05

1) Shortcut creation error in Win98/2000 was kind of fixed. The problem is that OCB doesn’t want to create shortcuts in non-English versions of Windows where desktop and program menu paths contain non-standard letters. That’s not my fault, it’s a problem of Windows compatibility – in Windows XP and 2003 the shortcuts will be created in any language. To smooth the problem, I added “Save to folder” button, you can select the folder without non-standard letters to write the shortcut to.

2) Now you can disable exit confirmation (see settings window).

OCB v.2.04

1) There was an unfortunate misprint in the previous versions: the word “precise” was spelled as “presice” and all commands were accepted as “presice”. To give the English grammar its due I corrected this word, but to preserve the backward compatibility I left the old variant as well. So now you can use both “presice” and “precise” in the scheduler, command line and remote access!

2) Keyboard shortcuts added (the list is at the end of the manual).

3) Exit request with 15 seconds delay.

4) Shortcut creation wizard.

5) Scheduler precision option added

OCB v.2.03 (2004.10.28)

1) WinRAR priority sleep time option.

2) Direct raring feature.

3) Remote access: view winrar.log, preset and schedule list; unscheduling.

4) Abort feature added (both in interface and in Remote access).

5) Timeouts for WinRAR, SMTP and FTP operations.

6) Problem with large log truncation was solved. “/trunclog” command added.

7) Duplicate preset function.

8) Update in the scheduler now works like “delete”+”add” to prevent non-existing commands to be added.

OCB v.2.02

1) Added command extensions (date and other stuff).

2) Updated Remote Access features.

3) Added user authentication in Remote Access.

4) Added FTP reiteration on errors (session aborts, dialup disconnection, etc).

5) Added SMTP reiteration on errors.

OCB v.2.01

1) Program didn’t want to start on computers without CDRW drive – fixed.

2) Algorithms of file processing were changed and now they are more stable.

OCB v.2.00 (2004.10.XX)

1) The first release of the new professional version of One-click BackUp. More usual names for it are OCB or One-click BackUp for WinRAR (not to confuse with old One-click BackUp 1.x).

One-Click BackUp v.1.5 (2004.07.12)

1) The last v.1.x release. The program seemed to have everything a home user may need. Soon the program is becoming interesting for corporate users but the core of the program was not intended for extension form the very beginning. In a few months v.2.xx core will be written from point zero and the v.1.x core will be abandoned. New optimized core will allow to meet the requirements of corporate users and handle new professional features.

One-Click BackUp v.1.0 (2003.04.21)

1) It was a simple program written by Anatoliy Kovalenko to backup his documents. It differed much from what we call OCB now. The program became very popular and was developed further as freeware.