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Acritum Promo Wizard.

Create kind of human-made website content automatically to improve your search engines ranking!
Make a complete bait website with dozens of pages within a few minutes!


It is known that most visitors come to websites from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN Search and others, so if you want to enjoy a large number of visitors on your website, you should make your site look more attractive to these search engines than the millions of other websites held by your competitors.

Although there is a lot of information and tips on website promotion available in Internet, everyone who ever tried to create his/her own website knows that they hardly help at all. A lot of corporations spend huge amounts of money to promote their websites, so no matter how hard you try to get at the top line of search results, you are unlikely to do it without having to pay for website promotion hundreds or even thousands of bucks monthly. If you don’t have such money, there is still an alternative way to higher the position of your website in search results. This thing is quite simple: besides providing accurate and complete content on the subject that you are going to promote (your competitors are already doing it!), you should add some information in excess to make search engines believe that your website provides more useful information than the websites of your competitors do.

To say the truth, it won’t higher your website to the first position if you are dealing with a field where the competition is high and where your competitors are willing to pay more and more money to be still above all others no matter what they have to do for it (gambling business and other high-profitable stuff), but in cases when the competition is at a moderate level, you will surely succeed if your content is really better than the content of your competitors. “Better content” doesn’t mean that it’s better in a human’s opinion, it should be better in the eyes of search engines.

There are many ways to get a lot of content to start your business or hobby website. Most webmasters simply steal the webpages from other websites, redesign them and put to their websites without any considerable changes. Believe or not, but it works, although we do not recommend to use this method as it may cause problems with content copyright owners. However, it is the words and phrases that make sense to search engines, but not accurately built sentences that attract a human eye. You can go to Google and search for “where do I buy cheap flowers” and “flowers cheap buy” and in both cases you will find some websites that offer cheap flowers. So the grammar and the stylistics are not so important here, at the same time, the absence of any grammatical and stylistic rules at all may make your pages look like spam and result in the rating of your pages being reduced to the minimum. That’s the trick used in Acritum Promo Wizard – we stuff the pages with lots of required words to ensure good search response and still make the webpages in a good-looking manner that very much resemble web pages created by a man.

While we still recommend creating web content manually, it’s really difficult to create enough good content in some cases, so we started to offer our promo software to the webmasters who are just beginning their web projects and can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for regular website promotion. We do not recommend to use this software (or any other software of the kind) to create a complete website without any human-made content, no matter why you want to do it – to show ads or whatever, because in this case your site is running risk of being banned by search engines. However, if you have a good website with useful content (in the eyes of humans), but you believe that you don’t have enough content to be shown of the first page of search results, then this software will be quite useful for you.

Acritum Promo Wizard is a program to create numerous sensible-looking HTML webpages automatically. Contrary to various doorway generators available in Internet at high price, which only list a lot of key phrases on HTML pages and usually lead to your site being banned by search engines, Acritum Promo Wizard uses special methods that make search engines think that the automatically generated webpages were actually created by a human. This trick is used to imitate a lot of useful content and increase the weight of your website in the eyes of search engines. The words used to generate pages may be taken from the websites of your competitors, so the search engines will think that your website has everything that your competitors have plus something more, i.e. your own manually created site. At the same time, the program uses only words but not phrases from the websites of your competitors to create new sentences about the same thing, so the owners of these websites will not be able to claim that you stole something form their pages. One more important difference from classic doorway generators is that the doorway generators use one and the same template to create doorway pages, so as soon as one doorway site is found by search engine owners, all other websites may be banned easily. Acritum Promo Wizard allows you to use your own HTML templates for creating unique-looking pages to make the websites of various users look different. All this makes Acritum Promo Wizard a really powerful and flexible website content creation tool and website promotion tool.

Using the software.

While most doorway page generators don’t offer any settings and do everything with one click, we believe that this is not the best choice and give the full control over all the operations to Acritum Promo Wizard users. It’s important to understand that there are no perfect settings that will work the best for every website, that’s why we provided you with a large number of settings. Although you can produce good pages with the default settings, you should understand what all these settings are for to get the most appropriate content for your website.

The program tools are divided by pages. Start with the first page and finish with the last.

HTML grabber page.

This page allows you to gather words that will be used to create your new web content. It’s crucially important to get the words that really correspond to the thing you are going to promote. To do it, you should find the websites of your strongest competitors and get the pages that describe the promoted thing the best. Go to Google, Yahoo and MSN and search for what you need. For example, if you are going to promote a website about nature images, try searching “nature images”, “nature photos”, “photos of nature”, etc. Click on 3-5 urls that give the top search results and browse these websites. Find certain web pages that describe the thing the best. Copy the URLs of these pages to the URL list. If the page contains a good piece of text and a lot of crap, don’t add the URL: instead of it, copy this useful text to the clipboard, paste it to Notepad or Word and save this new file to the working folder (see below) as a text file. Remember, you need more appropriate words and less inappropriate ones. Finally, when you have 10-20 urls, press the Grab button and the pages will be saved to your computer. The number of required URLs to process depends on the length of the texts on these pages and on the number of resulting auto-generated pages you expect to create. The more words you will gather, the more files the program will create. It will be perfect if you grab the most interesting pages of your own main website as well.

Having grabbed enough pages, switch to “extract words from html/txt files” page.

Extract words from HTML/TXT files page.

This page allows you to get all the words from the grabbed webpages. Before doing it, you can also copy some html and text files from your own computer to the working folder. Advanced filtering options allow you to get rid of unneeded words:

Minimal word rate: set the number of word instances required to use this word for content generation. For example, if the word “fish” is found 3 times in all the grabbed files, but the filter is set to 4, this word won’t be used in content generation.

Multiply word rate by: use this feature to increase the number of words for the processing. This is used when you can’t grab enough good content, but want to create more phrases. Every grabbed word will be used as many times as many instances it had in all the grabbed files. For example, if the word “fish” was found 35 times in the source files, it will be used 35 times in destination files. However, if you need more phrases, you can multiply the initial number of instances. For example, if you set this filter to 2, the word “fish” will be used 70 times in the output files.

Ignore the following words: this list is used to ignore the words that are useless for search engines and only waste the space in your output files. It’s better to use more good words and less “common” words as these common words will be added as parts of sentence templates.

Ignore words containing: this list is to ignore the words with strange symbols.

When you get the words from the files, look at the list, use DEL key to delete undesired words (like the names of competitor’s company and their product names), and switch to the next page.

Create phrases from words page.

This page is used to randomly create kind of search phrases. Some of them may be stupid in the human’s opinion, but the search engines will eat them up gladly.

Max phrase length value is used to specify the maximum number of words that can go in a raw. It’s not recommended to set this number too high as search engine may consider it as a spam. The setting of 3-4 is just perfect for the English language.

It’s also recommended to fill out the optional list of file names with really good key phrases created by a human, as these phrases will be used for file names. Google can understand the words in the file name and check if they correspond to the file content, so a good file name may increase the weight of your page in the eyes of search engines. If you leave this list blank, then random word phrases will be used to make file names.

HTML options page.

This page contains various options to create the resulting pages. Fill out all fields accurately.

URL rate (optional). If this list is filled, the program will add links to resulting pages in random positions. This may increase the weight of your site and also add popularity to the pages in the URL list. For example, if your real site is, you can add some urls of your site, like,,, etc. The more different urls you will have, the better, BUT do not set the URL rate too low – too many urls at one page is a sign of a spam page and search engines may reduce its importance. It’s good to set this value to have 5-7 links per page. Add one url per line. If the list is empty, the urls will not be added at all (except menu links).

Image rate (optional). This list is used to add more weigh to your website in the eyes of search engines. As many pages generated by doorway generators don’t contain anything but key words, it’s evident that such a page is a bad sign for a search engine. The pages made for human often contain images, so pages with images reduce the risk to be banned as “spam” pages. It’s good to set this value to have 1-2 images per page. You may specify full urls like “” or only file names like “image.jpg” in case you upload the image to the same folder where the HTML files will be uploaded to. One image per line please. If the list is blank, the images will not be added to the pages.

Index page should be created manually to reduce the risk of being marked as “spam site”. You can use the home page from your manually created site as the index page. You should type only html-formatted text here, without html headers.

HTML generator page.

This is the final page used to create paragraphs and save them to html files.

Sentences per paragraph specifies the average number of sentences that will be used to create a single paragraph. The exact number is generated randomly for all paragraphs in order not to look like a robot-created template content, but this number is always within the specified limits. A good value is between 3 and 15 sentences.

Paragraphs per file specifies the average number of paragraphs in a single file. Huge files is not a good option, a good file length ranges from 1 to 4 pages of text.

The number of output files can only be controlled with the 2 settings mentioned above. The worst that you can do is to create 3000 files with word crap, this is the right way to be banned by all search engines. Keep moderate, 10-40 files is the best choice.

Templates for sentences list is used to generate the pseudo human-made text. It should contain sentences that are normally used in everyday speech. The more sentences you will make up, the more diverse the final result will be. In these templates every $ (dollar sign) will be replaced with a randomly taken word phrase.

HTML template edit window is used to create your own unique look of pages. Although the default template is completely workable, your own unique design will reduce the risk of the page being detected as a kind of wide-spread doorway page. Although this risk is minimal, it’s worthy to take precautions anyway.

Finally you need to click “Save files” button. The software will need to connect to Acritum server to verify your license. Make sure your computer is connected to internet when you save files. If your license is valid, the files will be saved to the specified location.

Finally, you need to put a link somewhere in your website to your generated index page (default is index.htm) to make sure all the generated pages will be found by search engines.

The Google SiteMap file (sitemap.xml) will be also automatically generated – you can submit it in the Google Webmaster Tools control panel to make sure all the files will be cached by Google as soon as possible.

How to make automatic redirect from a generated page to the main website like all doorway page generators do?

There are two main ways of redirecting, you can use any of them (just add the required changes to your HTML template before processing files):

1 – Refresh.

Add the following line to the <head> section of the HTML file:
<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”1;URL=”>

Here 1 means the number of seconds that pass after the page is loaded and redirect takes place. For example, if you set it to 5, the browser loads the auto-generated page, waits for 5 seconds and processes the redirect request. Set 0 to process the redirect immediately. URL states the new url for redirection. Complete example:

<title>Example page</title>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=windows-1251″>
<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”8;URL=”>
<body bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” text=”#000000″>
<p>You will be redirected to in 8 seconds…</p>

It is rumored that the pages “refreshed” to another url are depreciated by search engines, that’s why the following way is used more often.

2 – Javascript.

This method will only work if the user didn’t disable javascript in his browser. To ensure the user won’t remain on the generated page in frustration, it’s a good idea to add a note so that the user will go to your site manually if the javascript doesn’t work. Webmasters usually add something like “This page is too old, click here to see the updated page” at the top of the pages. The example of javascript redirect is as follows:

<script language=’javascript’ type=”text/javascript”>

You should add this script somewhere at the end of the template, but before the </body> line. I.e. the script should be between <body> and </body> tags.

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