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Acritum Software affiliate program

Become Acritum affiliate!

Sell our software and earn 50% of its price! Yeah, it’s a fair deal! For example, if you sell 5 single OCB licences within a month, you make sales for 5*$59.95=$299.75, and take 50% of this sum, which is $149.87. All you need to do is to have your own website and place a link to our online shop in one of the pages of your site. Alternatively, you can attract customers even without your website, for example, you can recommend our software to your friends offline. You don’t need to accept payments or send registration codes – it’s our work. You will receive your earnings automatically from Plimus affiliate system, so you may be sure everything is fair and we will not scam you.


Acritum Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.

Acritum Software is set strictly against any kind of impudent advertisements such as unsolicited email (spam), offtopic messages in forums and so on. If we receive any complaints that our software is being promoted using such methods, your account will be immediately abolished without paying out your affiliate fees for the software previously sold.

Plimus payment Terms.

Payouts are done on a monthly basis each time a minimum payment of $35 or more is due to you, as shown on your payment report. A payment processing charge of $2.00 is currently payable for each monthly payment made to you.