Drag and drop support

WinRAR supports the Windows drag and drop facility.

If, in the file management mode, a single archive is dropped to WinRAR, the archive contents will be displayed and WinRAR will enter archive management mode.

If, in the file management mode, a one or more non-archive files are dropped to WinRAR, WinRAR will prompt for an archive name and add these files to that archive.

If, in the archive management mode, a single archive is dropped to WinRAR toolbar or address bar, contents of dropped archive will be displayed. If you wish to add one or more files to currently browsing archive, drop them to WinRAR file list. Though, if files are not archives, dropping them to toolbar or address bar will produce the same result as dropping to file list. Dropping files is available only into RAR and ZIP archives.

Regardless of the current WinRAR mode and archive format, you may drag files from WinRAR to other programs.

If you did not disable the option "Integrate WinRAR into shell" when installing WinRAR, you may drop files to RAR or ZIP archive icons on the Desktop to add files to an archive. Also if you drag an archive using the right mouse button and drop it to the destination folder, you may select "Extract Here" in the menu which appears to extract all files from the dropped archive to the destination folder.

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