Extraction path and options dialog: general options

This part of extraction dialog enables to select the destination folder for extracted files and set some general options. By default the destination folder is the same as the archive name and is placed in the current folder, but you may change the default value using Compression settings. You can enter the new path (which will be created if does not already exist) in "Destination path" field or select an existing folder from the folders tree pane.

The dialog attempts to choose an entering folder name in the tree automatically as you type, but only after a small delay (about 0.5s) and if the entered path contains a drive letter. If folder does not exist, either its parent or another folder most similar to the entered one will be selected. Also you may force the dialog to immediately search for the entered folder name pressing Display button, what may be useful to locate a folder which was not entered by user, but proposed as the default when opening the dialog.

You can create a new folder using New folder button. It will be created in a folder selected in tree pane or specified in "Destination path" field, depending on what you changed last. Use F2 key to rename folders in tree pane, Del to remove them and F5 to refresh the tree contents.

Extraction dialog is resizable. You can use the mouse to drag its border to the desired size to provide more space for folder list pane. WinRAR will store new dimensions of this dialog.

Additionally to destination path, the general part of extraction dialog provides the following options:

Update mode

Extract and replace files (default)

Extract all selected files.

Extract and update files

Extract those selected files, which copies either not present in the target folder or older than extracting files.

Freshen existing files only

Extract only those selected files, which exist in the target folder and older than the corresponding file in the archive. If a file not present on disk, it will be skipped.

Overwrite mode

Ask before overwrite (default)

Prompts before overwriting a file.

Overwrite without prompt

Files are overwritten without any prompt.

Skip existing files

Do not overwrite files which are already exist.

Rename automatically

Rename extracted files automatically if file with the same name already exists. Renamed file will get the name like 'filename(N).txt', where 'filename.txt' is the original file name and 'N' is a number.


Extract archives to subfolders

This option is available only when more than one archive is unpacked. It will place unpacked contents of each archive to separate subfolder, which name will be generated basing on the archive name.

Keep broken files

WinRAR will not delete files which are not extracted properly, for example, when the archive is damaged (by default, WinRAR deletes such files). You can try to save part of the information from a broken file.

Display files in Explorer

After the extraction is finished, WinRAR will open Explorer window displaying contents of destination folder.

Save settings

Press "Save settings" button if you wish to save the current state of both parts (General and Advanced) of extraction dialog. Saved state will be restored as the default when activating the dialog next time. WinRAR saves all options except the destination path. If you need to specify the default destination folder, use Compression settings dialog.

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